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bella49LEVEL 19


bella49 is located in Louisiana / USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 25, 2011. She has a total of 20 public recordings that have been viewed 1,606 times and 90 achievement points.

Just a country girl liking country things.... love my country dearly and detest what is happening to her through this ignorant government now in office .... GOD WILL PREVAIL!!!!

If you need healing, ask for Jesus
If you need relief, ask for Jesus
If you need finances, ask for Jesus
If you need hope, Ask for Jesus
He doesn't just give these things,
He is all of these things.
If you ask for the Spirit of love, peace, and of a sound mind,
He will point the way toward Jesus.

Don't be dismayed at goodbyes,
Goodbyes are necessary before we meet again.
And meeting again after moments or lifetimes
Are certain for those who are friends"

I had to go away.
I'm sorry you couldn't come with me.
But on earth is where you shall stay.
Please do not be sad.
Instead laugh and be glad.
I'm in a beautiful place, such a beautiful place.
I know you wont see me for a while.
But you will hear from me.
I will be the wind that will chill you on a hot summer day.
I will be the sun that will warm you when it's cold.
Listen to the birds sing, I will be saying, "I love you" in their song.
I know you can't touch me.
But you will feel me.
Because I will be inside of you giving you life on the days you feel like you can't go on anymore.
Please I beg of you, go on, live your life as I lived mine.
Always remember we will be together again.
I will be patiently waiting for you on that day.
When you will join me in this beautiful place.
Until then may God bless you with his almighty grace.
Written By: Kimberly Ann Kerek