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BarbaraA9511LEVEL 55


Praying & staying in touch with all my friend who went to DC for the 5th and 6th.. There in spirit

BarbaraA9511's real name is Barbara Atkins. Barbara is located in Ohio / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 12, 2019. She has a total of 180 public recordings that have been viewed 12,858 times and 323 achievement points.

Born in Arlington Va., and raised around Fairfax Va. lived in Dobson and Mt Airy NC. I also Lived in a small town in Florida. Between Bradenton and Tampa on the bay. Now Ohio is my home ..
I always was a music lover from a very early age as far back as I can remember. I came from a very talented family, and married into a talented family played and sang in a small family band in North Carolina, in churches and a few Bars here and there. Was always a joy to get together Such a blessing to have music around me, all my life

I have played the guitar since I was thirteen. I Learned to play classical style. Playing my guitar and writing music was my passion.
But time can be a little cruel. In the past few years, I have been unable to play certain chords to painful because of arthritis. Not only with pain but with my ability to chord the guitar because of arthritis.. I cant place my fingers where they used to go by instinct..

Music is joy.... I love listening to other people sing and perform.. I have listened to music created in different regions around the east coast with friends and with strangers.. Some I never knew, but I always let them know what a special talent they have after I heard them... I Love to listen in..

I like the unique sounds of voices.. and especially with my friends .... and I react to their voices and in song... So what I do is not always scripted lol.. It is why I always say Music is a fluid and abstract and with different sounds.. So how many sounds can you make? hahahahaha

I'm So glad that I found all you guys here. It's like coming home... Thank you for dropping by the studio to listen in... Barb