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babygirl3 is located in Georgia / USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 21, 2011. She has a total of 971 public recordings that have been viewed 189,268 times and 642 achievement points.

Music speaks what cannot be expressed, Soothes the mind and gives it rest, Heals the heart and makes it whole, Flows from Heaven to touch the soul.

My name is Meredith ..... I've been singing since I was very, little mostly to gospel. Then eventually I sang in church, weddings and unfortunately some funerals. I love Jesus and he is my Father and friend and I hope more than anything folks see that in me.
I've also done choir and honors chorus in school and traveled with a 4H Superstar group back in the 80's.. I sing at a local Opry House here near by and there are usually only older folks there. but they love my older country... Its so cute to see them get up and dance to it.. Also sing with a cover band from time to time.. I Preach and Teach health and Fitness.... and I'm a wife and mother of four beautiful children. Whom I've sang to sleep for most of their lives. My dream would be to be on the Grand Ole' Opry or Broadway!!!!!!! If that were possible...:) Really doing something to make a living doing what I love... Well!!! My husband (iizbumpgump) on this site.... bought me a microphone for Christmas. 2013, didn't really get that he bought this account on SS... He told me "your gonna get on this site I found and had paid for to sing for people and the family" I know he loves me and loves my singing. I love to sing, it's something that makes you happy!!!~So I hope anyone who hears these song's it brings you joy or if anything I sing for the Lord .. I hope it moves someone and blesses them.

Thank You to anyone who comes to my studio and listens , comments or enjoys it! ~I certainly will ALWAYS repay my visits with a visit to Your Studio.. . And if there's ANY Song you'd like me to Open up for you to sing with me or do harmony I certainly will just PM me and ask. and I love you all as friends
Please don't think I'm here to do anything but sing. Cause if you do Your treading on Sacred Ground

My friend Keith gave me this idea...If you would like to hear my
Easy Listening Songs Here is a continuous Playlist of some
my family loves. Just click the link.

Sometimes you find talented people and he's sure one of them.

I sure love Keith Whitley; it was love for me the first time I heard him.

Nick, Aubrey, Olivia, Elise, Scottie, Me & Zach[/IMG