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Aubyanne's real name is Auby Anne Meletio. Auby Anne is 40 years old, is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since June 13, 2007. She has a total of 786 public recordings that have been viewed 54,181 times and 136 achievement points.

Information Written by Aubyanne 27

Hey there!

I'm a coloratura soprano and indie showrunner in Hollyweird with a near four-octave range, E3-C7 and a tessitura of G3-C6.

When I sang Streisand's 'Evergreen' at age 9 in the State Fair of Texas, I fell in love with the stage and performing upon it. I'd flirt with such a career for the next two decades, diverting to criminal profiling with the FBI and finally finding my home in Tinseltown. Now I write television crime drama with a musical theatre bent, and I couldn't be happier. Karaoke, ('empty orchestra' in Japanese) has been the way in which I buckled down and developed from a rusty soprano with classical training in her youth to a dramatic coloratura sharing notes with Mariah and Minnie. As a semi-pro, I've become a songwriter and performer in various genres and venues, whose passionate love remains musical theatre and the operatic, classical voice.

When I'm not singing (whenever that is!) I'm a practising sex therapist, life coach, and spiritual counsellor. As a research scientist and independent consultant, I continue my studies in criminology, psychological profiling, and write in various capacities. You might say I'm on a search for a personal truth; I seek to try and help other's tread a road less bumpy. Even better if we can express our soul's deepest longings and most powerful passions through art. Music, after all, is the language of the soul. Singing is, and has been since I was a toddler vocalising with Mary Costa in 'Sleeping Beauty', the way I let go, unwind, and yet challenge myself; I slough off the stresses of the day, and immerse myself in melody and magic. I commune with my inner voice and the music of the spheres.

For this reason, I tend to do everything in a single take. Even a brand new key. Yep. One-take. There's an energy and impetus, in that first moment we 'breathe' something into existence; that we create with our heart and mind. Each thing we record here is a little piece of us, don't forget. So I share it, imperfections and all. (And I'm an insufferable perfectionist whose worst critic -- is me!)

So, much of what you see in my Recordings is an unabridged musical history of Me for the past several years.

My more serious work is here:

It is, as they say, a work-in-progress; and I'm always working.

And so, I invite you to take a trip down my private rabbit-hole portal of the Snapweb. Tell me what you like. Tell me what you don't. Duet or harmonise with me. Life is a grand experiment, and each of us are looking to find our frequency. Let's make some music. Together.

Sing on, my fellow Snappers.