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Ast's real name is Sona Cechova. Sona is 65 years old, is located in Czech Republic and has been a SingSnap member since June 7, 2007. She has a total of 255 public recordings that have been viewed 6,438 times and 11 achievement points.

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Put Aquarius ties - escapes you

Give him a sense of freedom - will come back to you

I'm Sonya. I'm from the Czech Republic. I'm living in Moravia, in my hometown Prerov.

I love music. I'm trying to sing. Singing is very demanding and requires total concentration for me. But even when I fall asleep singing. It shows in my voice, especially when I start to sing a lot of false, but then wake up again. I often pronounce the word problem quickly, it requires great attention and effort for me. But I am thankful that I can realize this and come up among your friends here on the 'SS'.

I found many friends here, many friends and a precious singers.

I hereby wish to thank all my friends for their support and encouraging words. Thank you very much.

I have a narcolepsy. I have a big problem for a long time to concentrate. I fall asleep every activity and every time. I have hypnagogic hallucinations. I sleep with open eyes respond to stimuli during sleep, which is not true. Narcolepsy very limited my life, excluded me from society. I need peace of mind and ran the daily procedure.

Have a great time here in "SS"


Open Duet

You Don't Know Me

Spanish Songs

Cuando Calienta El Sol - duet with my dear friend Miguel

Sway - duet with my dear friend Miguel

Besame Mucho - duet with my dear friend Miguel

Italian Songs

O' Sole Mio

Santa Lucia - duet with dear friend Willi

Russian Songs

Step da Step


Polish Songs

Balada Wagonowa

Czech Songs

Don't Be Cruel - Co je láska

Delilah (Live) - Cas ruzi

Les Bicyclettes De Belsize - Zavru ted krám s básnemi

La Paloma - Volám nashledanou

Take Me Home, Country Roads - Ved mne dál cesto má


When A Child Is Born - Mel jsem rád a mám

Oh Lonesome Me - Ptací nárecí

Whispering Pines - Modrínu háj

Mack The Knife - Mackie Messer

It's Now Or Never - Za rok se vrátím

Blowin' In The Wind - Vítr to ví

Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town - Oh Ruby, nechtej mi lásku brát

Sealed With A Kiss - Oci barvy holubí

Somethin’ Stupid - Sladké hlouposti

Ho Ho Watanay - Indian lullaby (Iroquis)

Sladké mámení - duet with dear friend Bill

Santa Lucia

El Condor Pasa

Don't Cry Joni - Chtel bych být víc nez pritel Tvuj

House Of The Rising Sun - Dum u vycházejícího slunce

Diana - Dajána

500 Miles - Tisíc mil

My video

Color of Sea


Translation of songs from English into Czech - preklady písní z anglictiny do cestiny

Lima PEPrerov CZ