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asingerofsongs' real name is RON HUDSON. RON is 67 years old, is located in West Virginia / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 16, 2007. He has a total of 65 public recordings that have been viewed 3,666 times.

I am a Singer. I am a survivor of Leukemia and a Bone Marrow Transplant in 1985. Still alive after 28 years now! Though I lost my teeth and could never wear dentures and a whole lot of HELL besides, I am the "Sole-Survivor" of the 8 men I went through the process with. In 1990, I had a failed cataract surgery on my right eye and ended being "Legally Blind"In 2002, I had an emergency Open-heart Quadruple by-pass, in November 2007 I had a hernia surgery, and in July 2008, I had Emergency Brain surgery where they had to ' take six hours to "grind out" a tennis ball size growth that pushed the left side of my brain out of place. Now, I have type 2 Diabetes and hate having to deal with that!!!....Now I have to go and try cataract surgery on my left eye on Tuesday April 21st 2009......UPDATE UPDATE ---------Cataract Surgery and 3 Month YAC Laser was a COMPLETE SUCCESS!!!!!!!! I got my Drivers' Learners Permit on my birthday, 40 Years from the first time I got one on my 16th Birthday. Got my legal DRIVERS' LICENSE in WV 3 Days after the YAC Laser!! ONE EYE but driving again for first time in over 19 years!!! I'M FREE!!!!!! Even drive by myself to my gigs now!!! NOW I gotta find some Gigs.... If you know of ANYPLACE looking for a Karaoke Show, or a 1-Man Show...PLEASE LET ME KNOW! UPDATE UPDATE 12/09/2011... Just informed I am a Full Blown Diabetic now and have to start taking Insulin Shots!!!!............. I'D BEEN AVOIDING THE BRAIN SURGEON FOR FOUR YEARS, WHEN I GOT A LETTER FROM HIS OFFICE IN LATE 2013 GIVING ME APPOINTMENT FOR AN MRI AND A FOLLOW-UP WITH HIM. LONG STORY SHORT....MY BRAIN TUMOR HAD GROWN BACK AND WAS THE SIZE OF AN ALMOND. WAS TRANSFERRED TO THE FEMALE SURGEON IN HIS OFFICE AND DECIDED TO WAIT TILL AFTER NEW YEARS FOR THE SURGERY........JANUARY 7TH, I WAS ADMITTED AND HAD THE SURGERY, WHICH WAS COMPLICATED BECAUSE SHE FOUND TUMORS IN THE ARTERY AND HAD TO REMOVE AND REBUILD THE ARTERY.....I WAS HOSPITALIZED FOR 11 DAYS AND NOW I HAVE TO BE PATIENT AND WAIT FOR IT TO GROW BACK. THEY SAY IT WILL, BUT, WHEN IT DOES, THEY CANNOT DO ANYMORE BRAIN SURGERIES, BECAUSE OF ALL THE SCAR TISSUE. SO WHEN IT GROWS BACK, THEY WILL HAVE TO SHRINK IT WITH RADIATION TREATMENTS. GGGRRRRRR
I'm on my 2nd marriage, hopefully the last. I met Wanda ONLINE... in some game we both were playing. We talked alot, then phoned alot. in July, 2000, I came down to WV to meet her and her family, spent 2 weeks then returned to RI. In October, I went to Tennessee, to meet Emmaj44, because I'd met her online on a site where you could sing 'live'. She is the Most Amazing Singer and I wanted to hear her "Live". I made that poor Asthmatic woman sing her heart out and loved every note. I'd never sung a 'duet' before, so I had a blast! Anyhow....while with Emma in Tennessee, I ended up calling Wanda in WV and proposed to her over the phone!! I figured if I was gonna be moving to WV...I oughta do sumpin 'Jerry Springerish'. Wanda said "yes", and we were married on November 14, 2000. Wanda has a son Jason,27, who was 15 then, now out on his own, living with his wife, Jaime. They had a baby boy Josiah Chase Marker on April 6th, 2011!!! (Grandpa for 2nd time!) My first marriage to Colette, who stood by me through all my "Leukemia Years" , ended just shy of 18 years, till she smartened up and we divorced. Colette and I have 2 wonderful young men that we couldn't be prouder of!! Robbie, (Born-1980), is a Marine Biologist, Dive Instructor, Boat Captain and a "Restoration Ecologist for
"Save the Bay in RI". Ricky, (Born-1985), is a "Certified Nuclear Welder",who works at various on-site locations. He gave me my First Grandchild, Ava Lynn in August 2008. I guess if you have to go through Divorce, ours was and is still friendly and cordial. I've been singing since I joined the Grace Church Boys Choir in Providence, RI, when I was 7 years old. I've done all the "payin the dues" bullcrap and all it got me was addicted to Singing. If I don't sing everyday, people around me have a bad day. I've roadied for local and regional acts and had a few encounters with the famous, but they won't mention me so I ain't mentioning them. I've been IN local bands and Had a couple of Ron Hudson Bands I ran.. (The 'Business' end of this business really..really sucks the life and drive out of you.) Now I'm in WV and the only work to be found is in the coal industry or running karaoke. I also do some gigs as a "One-Man Show" Using High Quality Karaoke Tracks. This allows me to sound almost "Just Like the Record!" Karaoke is the best thing to happen to me musically. I've worked with some really good "Players", but they All want to be Paid! They deserve it, but I can't afford ya. With my new 'compact P.A. system', and Laptop Karaoke Programs, I can sing any of the over 180,000 songs by over 750 different artists(including several female vocalists), I can sing, in any order and never have to tell the band what key or when to play the solo. I grew up singing along with everything I heard and always get a little annoyed when the band or singer changes from the original recording. So I sing everything "Just like I remember it sung on the radio". I think I do OK...People think I "Lip-Sync"......I'm told I should take that as a compliment??? I get a lot of flak from "Real Musicians" online, but all the "Real Musicians" who have seen the act "Live" tell me it sounds Great! I'm told most singers sound better in the studio, I sound better Live. Having run Live sound on the road for over a decade, nobody can mix me better than me! It has been written(and surely used by me in former promo packs), that Ron Hudson sings with such power and passion, that the audience has no choice but to feel the emotion he portrays in song. My Looks are totally deceiving, so be fairly warned...When Ron "BELTS" out a song...He leaves ......."WELTS!" OH I also tend to ramble.. So if Anybody wants to hire a singer...let me know!!_______