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ArcheagleflyLEVEL 71


Archeaglefly is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 15, 2006. He has a total of 152 public recordings that have been viewed 63,574 times and 442 achievement points.

____________________ ____________________

Music ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
is an integral part of my life,
which I'm sure many of you visiting today can relate to.
I invite and sincerely hope you enjoy my contributions
to this SingSnap musical experience.

In this medium, my passion is "creating an environment - with music,"
While researching and rehearsing selections to add to my repertoire.
One of the beautiful things about SSnap is - it allows me to practice,
with the end result of; performing music here and abroad as opportunities arise.

____________________ Background ____________________
While blessed to be born into a talented Air Force family, from the music perspective, my folks listened to music and were/are Singers. Dad's work constantly demanded travel, which meant being in and out of schools every 3-4 years. We were encouraged to be actively engaged in this experience, physically, mentally, artistically and creatively. I chose art, music and sports later, did well in each, but the main focus was music and art.

Exposure to The Arts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
- In Youth:
At home, I would sing at the drop of a hat and to listeners,
it seemed as though I knew the lyrics to whatever was played
on the radio, I was told. Occasionally, I was called upon to sing
a song for family members, as we traveled in and outside of the Continental United States.
Attending school, it seemed that a new awakening of music became even more of a focus:

Church & School Choir; Band & Orchestra:
Competitions; The school Music Teacher became my first Vocal Coach.
During choir prep for competions, I was asked to stay behind and privately
asked if I'd would compete in the name of the school. Of course this
I believe is what confirmed and solidified my interest even more as soloist.

Young Adult:
While affiliated with the U.S. Navy and aside from my appointed position; I was afforded
several opportunities that set the stage for the creation of music. I joined and became a Band Singer, toured in Japan and later was asked to take a position at a popular dance hall or club as a Disc Jockey (DJ/MC), in downtown Tokyo, Japan (Shinjuku District), nicknamed largest city in the world. The honors continued while working in Tokyo, via media related opportunities to include but not limited to; Japanese Television Network and hanging out with the well-known artists (Four Tops and Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters - when in town) to name a few. My artistic side opened doors to my art as well as designing clothes for colleagues and myself, as we visited many countries of throughout Asia.
These building blocks are the foundations I will never forget and pull from.

After The Navy:
- Director and Lead Singer of Church Choir.
- Studied & Performed Opera (5 yrs).
- Orchestrated planning & performances, produced - directed
Corporate & Private Productions.

Musical Style ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Classically, Soulful with a Jazzy Pop, & sometimes Dance feel.

Versatility includes a Rock, Broadway & some Country flair;
based on the music choice and topic.
Formal training and staged performances
are the touch of flair you may hear at times.

** Please note:
Thank you in advance - and - also know,

it is understood that we lead busy lives.

*As time permits
I will visit you as we become acquainted and reacquainted
- Upon returning from break periods -

So to all levels of relationships, I look forward to our communications!

____________________ In Closing ____________________

Just A Note to those who are struggling for any reason - You ARE Not Alone!

Early 2008 I was diagnosed with the affliction of Cancer.
After a dreadfully long year of numerous surgeries,
chemo & radiation treatments,
my status currently is "Cancer free!!" (Only because I did what was required.)
Although a survivor, I yet solicit your prayers.

Due to my medical experiences - I've learned:
-"Live life - one day at a time!"
-Try -not- to push it if you can.
-Allow yourself to "Temper Your Strides" - through life moment by moment.
- You really do know yourself (So ask for help when you need it!).
-Be healthy and strive for a better you.

My goal now is to express as much as possible when I can!
----///-\\\----Put This
----|||---|||---On Your
----|||---|||---account If
----|||---|||---You Know or have had
----\\\-///----Someone close
-----\\///-----Die or survive
----///--\\\---And Remember them fondly