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Annetta is located in Scotland and has been a SingSnap member since August 9, 2007. She has a total of 41 public recordings that have been viewed 4,041 times and 235 achievement points.
If you want to read more about me, Please scroll further. I'm only here to sing my heart out, nothing else. Please do not post a link to your song when commenting on mine. I don’t consider it manners! I will come by and listen, as a matter of courtesy, because that's just what I'm like. None of us are going to end up famous, but what we will do, is have a lot of fun singing and listening to ourselves. Thank you! I have no time for prima donas of either sex. I've noticed on my return some changes - people quote my comments, instead of listening (in courtesy) to mine, or other people's recordings - is this a new rule, or just laziness, I don't know. Perhaps they do listen. I hope so. I am only here because I love to sing, not looking for anyone, so if you are, then walk on by please.



Hello everyone. I spent the largest part of my career working in Air Traffic Control and then retired early. I live alone, apart from my little dogs Mollie, Maisie, and Bertie, who are all really cute Yorkshire Terriers. I lost my two Yorkshire Terriers Bobby and Bubbles in the spring of 2011, and I still miss them, they are so different in nature, which is something those who have never owned a dog wouldn't appreciate, those who have will know what a void they leave in your life when they're gone. I live in the south-west of Scotland (the mildest part).

I find it very vulgar to see men show their upper chest here on Snap - why do that, it does nothing for me. I wish they wouldn't do it - it's so crude. I love to sing and, I love music in general, as I am from a musical family, it's been a huge part of my life. I dislike Rap and HipHop big time. I have a preference for the blues, jazz and rock. I also love the Classics. I love the old crooners too, huge fan of Sinatra and the Rat Pack! I love the versions of Great American Songbook by Rod Stewart too, which take us back to the days of Cole Porter etc., some fantastic writers and composers of music, stage and screen. I like the old Country songs I was brought up listening to.

I also have a fondness for movie soundtracks. Hans Zimmer's scores to me are in a league of their own, he is such a brilliant composer, and I recognize his scores instantly because they are different. I have them all on CDs.

I also think some of the best bands ever formed have come out of Scotland, just as we produce great actors, and some of the best singers. Heck my musical tastes are so eclectic, I could go on forever.

I love live music, and I so appreciate the skill that goes into playing instruments of whatever kind. I love guitar and Saxaphone, and who doesn't like a drum kit too!! I would so love to be able to play boogie woogie on the piano, ah well perhaps one day. My late uncle played the best boogie woogie on the piano, that I think I've ever heard.

Well, If you read this far I hope I haven't bored you.

I am also a non-fiction crime writer since the mid 90s it's hard work and my research has to be spot on, that's why I do it all myself. I am also a poet. I am and have always been a huge fan of Celtic Football Club - {Soccer in the States}. I am also a big fan of The Dallas Cowboys, been that way since 1967.

I find SingSnap a nice place to be, and a great place to relax. I have 'met' some really nice people and I am so pleased I have. I do not copy/paste comments, so if I leave you a comment - it's how I feel. And, it comes straight from the heart. Occasionally I may take a break, but I always return.

I absolutely love animals, and I find it hard to understand why there are people who can be cruel to any living creature. I also love people. No matter where the people on this site live, or the language which is native to them - we have one thing in common - music - it transcends language barriers.

Please if you sign my guest book, let me know your on screen name, as sometimes I don't know who you are! I did have a Slde guestbook which was interesting, but Slide folded in March this year, so maybe I'll look for another.