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AngelBull's real name is Aaron Cauley R.I.P. Aaron is 40 years old, is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 1, 2007. He has a total of 35 public recordings that have been viewed 5,357 times.

**The Last Ride**

**Peacekeeper Paradise Web Site**

Well hi my name is Gator and i made this name in memory of my brother and its my way to keep him alive and i will be making alot of songs for my brother and others on this id..I hoping to be able to get more people doing songs for Angel Bull..Will this is how he died and i don;t no how bad he was..When was riding down us1 in nsb, fl and i remember his last words was Gator the kick stead is done and i will never forget my blood brothers last would but thats one thing i keep hearing over and over. Well i belieave alot of his power came into me and i think i no why now after all then learning about why..One we was allways very tight..Anouther to my my power even more powerful..Well lets into anouther one we had the same mission in life and thats to make world peace and he may be gone in from his life as a person but is soul lives on and he will be my blood brother again in our nexted life time because we have allways been in every pasted life, i still don't no how many life times we have live together but i no its alot..But the said thing i have learn i am allways is lilttle brother and live alot loger them him and he allways dieds before i do..This time it happy on his Harley riding down the good old highway with his baby brother..I was hurt bad in my soul and my body was to but i had to live to carry of the mission in life. That is to make World Peace and even know he is gone from his body, He is still with me everyday.

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