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AndypandyUKLEVEL 58


AndypandyUK's real name is Andy F. Andy is located in England and has been a SingSnap member since January 19, 2020. He has a total of 441 public recordings that have been viewed 14,477 times and 344 achievement points.

I live just south of Manchester in the UK. All my life I've always wanted to do something musical and so it was that I finally plucked up the courage to take a few singing can't tell the difference right? I like to sing, it makes me happy, even if it makes everyone else miserable I've never performed or even sung in a karaoke bar.

I'm single, work in IT, am a keen cyclist and generally like to be active. Musical tastes would be any popular songs from the late 60's, the 70's and 80's...or anything I can sing

For Fire - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

For Life in a Northern Town - Dream Academy

For The Lumberjack song - Monty Python