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AllenBlack is 53 years old, is located in Kansas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 9, 2013. He has a total of 88 public recordings that have been viewed 22,290 times.

I'm a theatre artist and I have been singing most of my life. I have always thought of myself as more of an actor than a singer so other than the songs from musicals, most of my recordings just attempt to reproduce what I hear in the original versions. Up to now, I have been working more toward being stylistically versatile than on developing a signature style of my own. Currently karaoke is my only musical outlet, so I am very grateful for the entire SingSnap community. Thanks to everyone for listening!

I'm still working out how to curate my studio, but I've started linking the awards below to the sings that won them. If there is no link, it's because I deleted that sing either to reduce my total number of recordings below a hundred (the limit for a non-gold account) before temporarily losing Gold status or else I've replaced it with a rendition I thought sounded better. I'm trying to make sure every recording in the studio is a solid performance.

I apologize to folks who have hosted, judged, or been in contests with me if I have suddenly dropped off the face of the Earth before the contest ended or if I've not managed to get to everyone's songs. I suffer from type II bipolar disorder and it sometimes causes crippling bouts of depression that keep me away from SingSnap for days, weeks, or even months at a time. I never know when they are going to strike, so my choices are to either give up ever entering contests, or else hope people can forgive my occasional disappearances. I choose the second option. I refuse to let this condition suck all the joy out of my life.

Submitted for your approval... There aren't many of my recordings I feel I could not improve on, given the ambition and the time to work on them. But, if I were to record these songs again, I think I could really only hope that they turned out as well as the renditions in this collection. Here are ten sings that I feel are polished enough to be termed "radio ready."

Al's Radio Ready Renditions

Oh, one more thing... That thing you see me puffing on all the time in the videos... that's a vaporizer. It's not some weird pipe or hookah or anything that uses tobacco. I quit smoking in 2011 and switched to vaping. About a year later, my voice started to... well... to bloom, actually... and it keeps getting better. I've never sung this well before in my life. I've added several steps to both my upper and lower registers, and I can transition between them more smoothly. I credit the vaping with allowing me to finally stop smoking so that could happen. So yeah, I kind of appointed myself an absolutely unofficial spokesman for the benefits of switching from smoking to vaping. And that is why you see me vaping in most of my videos.