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adiamondintheson's real name is Connie Hall. Connie is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 6, 2011. She has a total of 891 public recordings that have been viewed 39,750 times and 309 achievement points.

This is April 13th, 2019
I just thought it might be nice to let you all know that I have a YouTube Channel called "Connie Hall Live"... I've been recording video doing music. A lot of them are my own compositions, but I am also now doing cover songs as well. You can go there through this link right here:

God Bless you all!!
Connie Hall

June 26/2018

It's been a while since I post on my page here... should keep you up to date a little bit more. (smile).
I am no longer doing radio. It got to be too much with the health issues I was having. I am still writing songs and getting them out to Amazon, ITunes, Spotify, and many other places. I've continued to work on my BandCamp page where I have many of my own songs up for people to just go listen to or to download if the would like to. I am also part of the "NAHSHVILLE COUNTRY MUSIC MAGAZINE" where I have a section called
"CONNIE'S COUNTRY GOSPEL CORNER". Each month I interview and feature Singer/Songwriter and their materials. This gives them a chance to get the word out about them and what they do. I'll give the link to the magazine which is an online monthly magazine but it also sold as hard-copies.

I want to thank all those who have been so kind as to keep in touch with me even during the times that I'm not able to get on as much to record on SingSnap. Even tho I work on my own music a lot, it is nice to come to SingSnap and just let my hair down and exercise my vocals now and then. I love you all and we'll be talking soon!!

Here is the link to the Nashville Country Music Magazine... and if you scroll over to June Issue and scroll on down, you'll find Connie's Gospel Corner there... just click on the article to listen to the featured artist.

I also have my own music up on this website if you care to go listen.


Nov 24th 2017
I had some individuals asking If I happened to have some CD's for sale.... so I'm posting a link here for those interested. I also have included a link for my new Radio Program that I have each Sunday Morning. God has truly blessed me with so many wonderful things. Things I never would have expected to have happened. It doesn't leave me as much time to come on SingSnap.. but you have all been so faithful in coming to my studio here and I do thank you all for your encouragement to me.

I do have some CD's on Amazon at this link:

I also have my own music up on this website if you care to go listen.

I've not been able to be on SingSnap lately as I've taken on a new project doing an hour Program on each Sunday Morning.. it's called SOME GOOD NEWS... an hour gospel from 8-9 CST. That along with my song/writing, have kept me quite busy.

I do appreciate you all keeping in touch with me.

Well today is Jan23rd of 2017... and guess I have one more UPDATE...
Almost forgot to share with you all that... my song "Rank Strangers" that was on CashBox Magazine Chart since Sept. Hit #1 here on the first of the year!! I'm quite happy and surprised! God only knows where from HERE... but it's ALRIGHT no matter what happens. It's all in His hands anyway!!
Dec. 9th 2016..I guess it's time for a new update:
In Sept. I told you that my single "Rank Strangers" hit the CashBox Magazine Charts. That was in 'Traditional Country', 'Americana' as well as 'Folk'. It has 'stayed' on all three charts here for the last 4 months now. This month, it had gone up to #5 on the Traditional Country, and I also had one other song "Christmas Without Jesus" written by my friend, Marty Denton... hit that same chart. I could not be MORE thrilled, and am happy to say.. that it DOES open up doors for my own music to get OUT there now. I have a huge thank you to my Heavenly Father for granting this to happen in my life at this time in my life... and from there, I'm extremely thankful to my Publisher, Roger Woods, Sr from for grabbing my music and running with it. He has taught me that my music can be enjoyed in my little corner, by my friends and family.. or it can be taken out into the industry and shared with every little 'grandma and grandpa' who might just need a special 'touch'!! It is an industry.. and US as musicians don't always SEE it that way.. (I don't like what I enjoy to do so MUCH to BE a BUSINESS.... hmmmm) Lots for me to learn at this age in my life. So... I'm saying all this to say this.... "God puts in us ALL what He wants for us to do... and TODAY is THE DAY... don't waste it!!!"
Connie Hall

I haven't been on singsnap a lot recently. I'm happy to say that things have taken a turn for me, and I've been able to get some of my own recordings put out there. One of them (Rank Strangers) has hit the CashBox Magazine charts. Both in Traditional Country as well as Americana. I can only say I'm thankful that God has allowed this to happen and it's opened the door now for my own compositions to get out there. I'm in the process of making a full CD now which will be published here very soon.
I want to say a special thank you to my publisher, Roger Woods, Sr. for believing in what God has put in my heart and running with it. Thanks for all the support that I have received down through the years. SingSnap has kept the music alive in my heart when it didn't feel like it would ever happen

Dated 8/20/2016
Here I am again more than a year since I updated everyone. I can say that it has not all been easy, many ups and downs... but the Good Lord has spared my life for a reason... and I am "FINALLY" accomplishing the thing I was created to do. I've been a gospel singer/songwriter most of my life... but a lot of those years got by without getting done what I needed to DO! With some very important help and encouragement from very good friends, I've managed to get my music all copyrighted now, and all registered with BMI. That was HUGE! But recently, I've been blessed to have my songs being introduced out and to several FM Radio stations across the country. Recently there was a cd (single) that was released and is also getting out there. That single has the Old beautiful bluegrass song on it, "Rank Strangers". I have also got a website now for putting my originals on... and you're welcome to go listen if you'd like:
A special thank you goes here to Roger Woods, Sr. He's my new publisher (Push Mountain Publishings, out of Ark.) and has worked very hard to help this all come to be. Thank you, so much, Roger

June 11th, 2015:
I had been gone from SingSnap for quite some time...
This last fall 2014, I had some serious health issues that required 4 by-pass heart surgery plus a full maze procedure to be done on my heart. Then at Christmas time, I passed out here at home with ventricular tachycardia which went into a very dangerous rhythm that folks don't generally come out of without medical intervention... and if they do more than likely they have had a stroke or brain damage. I have NO DOUBT in my mind that God lifted me up off my floor and allowed me to go call for help. They installed a pacemaker, and it's keeping my heart in line now. I do know ONE THING... it wasn't my time to go... and I am going to use the abilities God has given me to bless other people if I can. It's been a rough few months... but my strength is coming back. I'm soooo thankful!!
Some very dear friends of mine, wanting to encourage me to do more singing, bought me a whole year on SingSnap... and I'm grateful for their constant love and support. Thank you..

Back from the Beginning:
I feel so very blessed to have been granted the privilege of being able to be a member on SingSnap. Music has always been my life, but as the years have progressed, it's not been as active a part of my life. This has given me a new way of expressing my deep desire to share my love of singing.

As a ministers daughter, I participated in the church and sang from the time I was a little girl. My family would all gather round with mamma while she played guitar or the piano and sang... wash days, Mamma would sing to the rhythm of the old wringer washing machine... each one of us kids grabbing a harmonizing part. What fond memories. Listening on here, I can tell the ones who've had that same similar experience, because the music comes out of them in that kind of way. ... always blessing my heart. In 1980 was I asked to do a recording, and God opened up the doors for me to do some of my own songs on it. It was titled, "We're Safe In Jesus Arms"... dedicated in memory of 2 little children of some very dear friends (taken in a sad auto accident). The album took on a ministry of it's own... directed to those who have ever lost a child. It was amazing, that within a year the albums all went, and so many stories came back to me of people who had been touched by it... and I knew that only God could bring something like that about. Such a blessing out of a tragedy!!

Blessings to all of you