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Abel_GirlLEVEL 33


Abel_Girl's real name is Abel Rodriguez. Abel is 50 years old, is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since July 25, 2009. She has a total of 100 public recordings that have been viewed 4,040 times and 176 achievement points.

Hi my real name is Abel Rodriguez.Yes, Like Cane and Abel.I was expected to be Jr. at birth but somebody forgot to put the stem on the apple..lolol! I live in a small town right outside of Houston. I've been singing since I was 15 and have been around music all my life. My Dad Abel Rodriguez Sr. has had big influence in my life of music. He is a self taught musician and singer. He plays lead guitar and dabbles with the bass and drums. Growing up I listened him sing songs from artists like Redding ,Pickett,Cooke,Berry and Elvis! I love alot of the R&B,Soul Mowtown artists. In my spare time I do volunteer work by singing at my local nursing home and a community here in hometown for mentally and physically challenged adults called Brookwood.My talent is a blessing and I like to share it with all the world!
Growing up in Texas coming from a Hispanic background,you cant help but know and love Texmex or Tejano music.Singing in spanish was hard for me at first because growing up my parents never enforced us kids to Speak it. Now with much practice I can sing in spanish in a cinch! Holding a conversation in thats a different
One of the best accomplishments I've done is getting to go into a professional recording studio and record a duet with my Dad! I have forever preserved one of the best experiences and memories of my life! I am so grateful to God for that!
I thank God for the blessings he has bestowed on me and my life in the past ,NOW and in the future! I have come to know that my talent for music and singing is a gift from God easily given and easily taken away! So I try and share it with the world any chance I get! And just want to add..Check out the 1st singsnap band! These guys are awesome in here! I love singing with them! Thanks Roland for the invite!!