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56Cinderella is located in Washington / USA and has been a SingSnap member since May 27, 2007. She has a total of 3,497 public recordings that have been viewed 133,813 times and 448 achievement points.

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Happy New Year, blessings to all our SS family! Many of us are long-timers here & have seen many come & go. Tragically we've lost several that are now singing with other angels in heaven. I've always felt that doing what makes you feel good, is a form of therapy, singing does that for me. Sharing with friends and spending time together is another uplifting factor in staying content and happy. May you find what your special something is & be sure to make time for those you love, those that make you smile & the things that bring you joy. I've seen people my own age, seem so much older due to being discontent/unhappy. They are often the type who don't get out enough to sprinkle their lives with fun.... instead, stay home too much and therefore become stagnant & depressed.
Find that joy, good health & peace in this new year & find those blessings that are sometimes right there waiting for you to indulge.

My voice is usually soft & rather smokey, due to Hashimoto's Disease (auto-immune, thyroid, near vocal chords) but I sing anyhow. Some like it since it's rather unique.
Its so great to share w/friends here that enjoy's a passion for me &
in my opinion, cleanses the soul. Karaoke is a favorite hobby & I go on a regular basis.
I enjoy meeting many interesting people that share the love of singing here.
We moved to the great northwest (WA. state) 5 years ago & I'm relishing in the changes in weather & seasons. The hot dry weather of S. Calif. was too consistent, just seemed that the summer lasted 3/4 of the year. It's been easy adjusting to the new surroundings, the forest, the mountains & the evergreens, all of which we truly appreciate. Leaving some family & many friends behind was somewhat difficult, however, we welcome their visits & so far have had several. Thank you for coming by and for sharing the love of music & singing here.

Updating profile: (Edited 10/5/19)

4/2/18 This Hashimoto's (auto-immune) kicks my butt, when I get sick it lingers on often times for several months. Just slows me down somewhat, it can't stop me.....nope! Since
Dec 2016 I'd been ill w/ bronchial pneumonia, that never quite went all the way AWAY & I'd had an adverse reaction (sever allergic) to the antibiotics I'd been given. It gave me a rash that lasted nearly 3 months, w/ a mere 3 doses, I'd stopped taking it, for the itching & rash that drove me into a frenzy. I think that the meds. did something to my system which is pretty sensitive.......and I've had chronic inflammation since/congestion/laryngitis too sometimes.

1/7/19 Happy New Year..........lets make it a singing one! Staying in touch creates a bond that will hopefully build lasting relationships. There may be times we need to reach out to one another for moral support, often times a few encouraging words can make a difference.
That being said, know that a note here or there is gladly accepted and will be answered.
I love to write almost as much as I love to sing, hopefully many of you do as well.