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I can?t sing at all

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Jen1415LEVEL 17

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I am terrible at singing

Bear50LEVEL 97

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hello jen*S* if you have done any songs I would love to hear you*Smiles* singing comes from your heart and no matter how you sound and if you enjoy it that's all that Matters My Friend*S* feel free to PM me if you'd like to talk at anytime. I've been a member here for 7 years even tho my name is BLUE now my GOLD just expired. All and all it doesn't matter what anyone sounds like as long as it comes from your heart then that's all that matter*hugs* I'm looking forward to hearing your songs if you have any*S* it doesn't matter what other people think you just sing your heart out My new Friend....

debra57LEVEL 108

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Hi jen.... I
just listened to your song and you don't sound terrible....looking forward to hearing more from you.....hugs~deb


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Condolences to Her Majesty The Queen, and Her people for The Duke of Edinburghs Death. A true Prince

Aw honey, try to give yourself, more credit. This is such a wonderfully fun, site, and there is plenty of time to find your comfort zone, and you will find yours. For the tougher days/nights, if your feeling discouraged, try exploring the site, or take a listen to people singing, play some games in the gaming area!. Many of us here might, be heard saying things, like....." I'm a little bit too enthusiastic with the amount of time, I spend here" and you might find discrepancies on the public board that details Squatters rights, but after weeks of non stop SingSnap, people get confus… Where am I?


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Condolences to Her Majesty The Queen, and Her people for The Duke of Edinburghs Death. A true Prince

Is it still my turn? Truth is, I am not a singer, I am a comedian, disguised. While I'm waiting for my big break, which will be any decade, I often hang out on public threads, where I'm mostly ignored. Its possible, Trevnella, SingSnaps in charge, will create a job position for me, which of coarse, I will be first to apply. Theres no hurry, since it doesn't exist and there is no wage involved. I love to duet, and It helped me tremendously, to find a partner, who is not only God gifted, with his gorgeous vocals, he is patient and, he agreed to our being exclusive, to one another, when entering duet contests. This was a huge confidence builder, and I was able to feel more and more comfortable singing with, a familiar voice, even while keeping all the screaming female groupies away from him, cause they can find their own stinkin Partner. LOL! LOL! Them girls have no clue my partner dumped me the other day, and I'm not tellin! So there you have it! Enjoy what ever it was, I forgot! LOL!



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Hi There!
Yes! I agree with what everyone posted above! You sing for YOU, from the heart! If the song has made you feel good, then that's all that matters!! Sing On!!

Caylin8LEVEL 9

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If you love to sing then keep singing. If your as terrible as you say u r then practice makes perfect. But you are not a bad singer so don't be hard on yourself