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Rate my singing

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ElizaSchuyler1781LEVEL 13

Post by ElizaSchuyler1781

Would love feedback on me. Don’t be mean, thabks.

socomicefoxLEVEL 81

Reply by socomicefoxGOLD

Going to honest here ok.

I took a listen to this song Hallelujah. For sure you was not on the right pitch you was all over the place. Eliza when a person sings they sing from the heart they dont rush they take their time and they sing. TO be honest this sing was not that great and I was saying hallelujah when this song was over with. Avoid song choices like this as you either didnt know the song well or your voice is just not fit for this song.

But then I look a listen to this sing by you right here Eliza.

What the hell happened! You went from not singing from the heart to singing this song from the heart and on pitch and singing it really well! You did fantastic on this sing here and this is no easy song to sing. You made this song your own. You made this song great. Good job on this sing. Now timing is something important and that seems to be a weakness. You gotta work on your timing when you sing and pick the right songs and this right here Eliza was the right song. Great song choice to sing. And again great job.

rj32LEVEL 42

Reply by rj32GOLD

I listened to your recording of Hallelujah. It seems that this song may be a little too high ffor you. A different song perhaps in a different key would probably be a little better for you. It also seems that your words are a little off from the music.

springer-jdLEVEL 59

Reply by springer-jdGOLD



Caylin8LEVEL 9

Reply by Caylin8

Your a good singer just this song isn't fit for your voice. I would try another song and ask for feedback.