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fresh prince of baghdad - rate me

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Kinda tribute to will smith as the new genie, what do you think?
need some dude to record it

In west of Arabia in a jewel filled cave,
I was chilling my hood for all a my days,
Kicking it, rocking it, living in a lamp
Which I gotta say was giving me the cramp
When a little lad bust in and rocked out my stuff,
I took one look and thought “this diamond be rough”
But he was in a pickle cause the cave was shut,
Him and his monkey just couldn’t keep it up
So I whistled for my carpet and when it came by
We hopped on aboard and out we did ride.
I said “I’ll give you three wishes, don’t make them bad”
“Genie” said the boy “let’s kick it back to Baghdad.”
So we comes up down near the Sultan’s pretty crib,
I made Al a prince with camels, ya know I don’t fib,
But then one ugly geezer crushed our sweet scene,
Jafar, he magicked up a spell while we were keeping it clean.
The Sultan was fooled but Jasmine wouldn’t have it,
She said “I like this boy, he’s a hopping young rabbit”
But then Jafar he got my lamp and had magic to do,
I said “Your wish is my command, but no way not you.
I may be the genie and your lifelong slave
But my heart is with Aladdin so don’t get me crazed.
But Jafar he had me right under his power
And with one wish he threw Aladdin off a tower,
And what happened next, it’s kind of hard to tell
But Aladdin stole the lamp back and put it all well
And with his last wish he granted one thing for me,
Goodbye to Baghdad, so long boys I’m free.