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LilylowskyLEVEL 20

Post by LilylowskyGOLD

Can anyone explain to me what can and cannot be done with the “write your own song” tracks by the SingSnap Band?

cannotsing24LEVEL 109

Edited reply by cannotsing24SNAP-STAR

You Compose your own song and lyrics
and sing it with the SingSnap Band,,,,,,,,,,,it's fun ,,,,,,,,Shirley

just to give you an Idea the song below
is composed by me , and the lyrics to

if you care to listen


Edited reply by DinalydiaGOLD

It IS fun to have a readymade SS backing track and write lyrics to match.

But as I understand it, the song has to stay on SingSnap. You don't have the rights to the music, only the lyrics.

I wrote a few everyone liked, but I got more ambitious with my songwriting. So I found other ways to get backing tracks, so I can post wherever I want. I either get a musician's permission, or write a tune myself on the piano and record using digital music software. It's not easy, though!

LilylowskyLEVEL 20

Reply by LilylowskyGOLD

Thank you Dinalydia; I would be interested in hearing where you got your tracks. I have written several to other people’s music on the Sing! (Smule) app; i enjoy adding lyrics to music; I don’t want to waste my time writing something that I can’t share beyond SingSnap!


Edited reply by DinalydiaGOLD

Lily, yes, that's how I feel. I take great care with my lyrics about unusual topics and create music videos. I would like to share these anywhere I want to.

Where to find music? I listened to instrumentals on Youtube described as "backing tracks" or "jam tracks" for musicians, and got the owner's permission to use and augment the piece for my own vocals and videos (giving credit of course). They are simple - usually just one instrument - but you can add layers of harmony with your vocals to make it interesting.

Also, do a YouTube search on Creative Commons music. These pieces are intended to be used with your own videos, but whether you can alter them depends on the license. Many of them are digital-sounding or hardcore dance-industrial, and I don't use that kinda sound, but someone else might.

Might be a similar type of thing on Sound Cloud or other site. You might look for amateur musicians' groups on Facebook and ask around.

And if you're lucky enough to know a musician or two in real life...

LilylowskyLEVEL 20

Reply by LilylowskyGOLD

Thank you! I will look into those options ! I do know a musician or two but they’re not options at this point.. I am also a beginner guitarist and may have to knock one out myself. I just prefer adding lyrics to a piece of existing music ...

Caylin8LEVEL 9

Reply by Caylin8

I've been working on a song how do I post it to SingSnap??? I wrote it