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***Sisters By Design***

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SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Post by Softieone

Beki, Shilohkoko and I have come together to bring you background images that you can use on your recordings or profile page. We hope you find something to your liking. Just copy the code you see under the image and paste it to your "Information" section and then save recording, to dress up your recordings. For your profile, just go to Account and paste it into the "Optional Information" section and click update

SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Reply by Softieone

Bringing Beki's awesome coded designs over from my old thread.

[background font=Indie+Flower fontSize=20 fontColor=#AD8494 contentColor=#3D2B32 opacity=20][/background]

[background font=Just+Me+Again+Down+Here fontSize=24 fontColor=#C4B389 contentColor=#EDE0C2 opacity=10][/background]

Bringing my coded designs over from old thread.

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#FEFAF5 contentColor=#1D89C3 opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#FEF495 contentColor=#411101 opacity=40][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#94897F contentColor=#120906 opacity=40][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#CB0503 contentColor=#222222 opacity=50][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#729016 contentColor=#210F01 opacity=50][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#B0DFEF contentColor=#032241 opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#C3193F contentColor=#040711 opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#4F7A40 contentColor=#FBC9D2 opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#000000 contentColor=#630F0C opacity=70][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#E6BF88 contentColor=#010F40 opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#3193C4 contentColor=#000913 opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#3F6F3B contentColor=#000000 opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#2B1005 contentColor=#B29882 opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#9FD184 contentColor=#090C02 opacity=70][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#F4D0D0 contentColor=#810406 opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#FEEA91 contentColor=#601100 opacity=40][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#799DB1 contentColor=#070B39 opacity=40][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#E2D482 contentColor=#3C4010 opacity=40][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#EFFEF7 contentColor=#151D65 opacity=40][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#BAC837 contentColor=#563314 opacity=70][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#001630 contentColor=#DC7705 opacity=50][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#F8C102 contentColor=#0E1D3A opacity=50][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#EB8A79 contentColor=#182649 opacity=40][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#080100 contentColor=#F7CD4F opacity=40][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#10367a contentColor=#FD6DFD opacity=60][/background]

SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Reply by Softieone

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#2B3900 contentColor=#2399AF opacity=70][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#FE9DF8 contentColor=#6E119B opacity=70][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#EBADD8 contentColor=#EB5325 opacity=70][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#FDFDFD contentColor=#AB0008 opacity=70][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#F2E4DA contentColor=#A07DED opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#281500 contentColor=#25A4E0 opacity=60][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#1C4400 contentColor=#E3BB00 opacity=60][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#ffffff contentColor=#A1CB29 opacity=70][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#FA0699 contentColor=#ffffff opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Fondamento fontSize=16 fontColor=#6E0700 contentColor=#FA5F83 opacity=60][/background]

Please check back often. Kat will be adding designs as well. Enjoy!!

WandaMarieLEVEL 67

Reply by WandaMarieGOLD

Great Design's!!! You Know I love'em!!

trevorLEVEL 65

Reply by trevorSTAFF

Have a nice day! ??

Very cool stuff!

-TinaLEVEL 109

Reply by -TinaSNAP-STAR

Love These Girls !! =)


Reply by BekiGOLD

Hi Look at our shiny new digs ! Love it .. Thanks for all the hard work Margie.


Reply by BekiGOLD

[background font=Just+Me+Again+Down+Here fontSize=24 fontColor=#FCFAFC contentColor=#A16DA1 opacity=34][/background]

[background font=Just+Me+Again+Down+Here fontSize=24 fontColor=#E8DFE2 contentColor=#A16DA1 opacity=34][/background]


Reply by MsFiToyPATRON

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

Beautiful designs ladies! I'll be using them often!!

SingingRainbowLEVEL 108

Reply by SingingRainbowSNAP-STAR

Thx for your concern, we will be hosting again soon.. (Still in lots of pain) we miss you all! xoxo

^^^^^^Ditto!! Just beautifullllllllllllllllll xxx You ladies rock i say!!


Reply by BLG6231GOLD

REMEMBER,,,No one can hurt you, without your permission

loved these ,,, ty so much for sharing , am anxious to try some of these ,,,,,hugs and god bless barb

MoxieMainiac68LEVEL 79

Reply by MoxieMainiac68PATRON

Wish I could around when I can ??

Totally flagging!!!!

The_GeezerLEVEL 63

Reply by The_GeezerGOLD


--Katie--LEVEL 48

Reply by --Katie--GOLD

Well then....

Lovely work ladies...Well Done!



Reply by JubiGOLD

Will I be back to use them?.........Well of course,,,,,,,,,,,fantastic designs!

TY for sharing these

SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Reply by Softieone

Beki, those are gorgeous!! I love them!! Thank you folks for coming by and your kind words. We truly appreciate them!!

Adriane_MLEVEL 70

Reply by Adriane_M

ty hun these work was trying Mars but they didnt work for me happy i found your page was looking for some Mothrs day flagged Blessings :)))

MoxieMainiac68LEVEL 79

Reply by MoxieMainiac68PATRON

Wish I could around when I can ??



Reply by JubiGOLD

I see a lighthouse.......big smile

SugarBabe4uLEVEL 94

Reply by SugarBabe4uGOLD


rockchic6LEVEL 3

Reply by rockchic6


sandrasmileLEVEL 60

Reply by sandrasmileGOLD

A Beautiful weekend to every one ??

Flagged!! thanks for sharing very beautiful pictures !


Reply by NaWLiNs_LaDy




LOVE EM!!!!!!!!




countrygirl3711LEVEL 14

Reply by countrygirl3711



Reply by BekiGOLD

[background font=Just+Me+Again+Down+Here fontSize=22 fontColor=#B00516 contentColor=#000000 opacity=50][/background]

[background font=Just+Me+Again+Down+Here fontSize=24 fontColor=#DBB156 contentColor=#853A13 opacity=65][/background]

[background font=Just+Me+Again+Down+Here fontSize=24 fontColor=#DBB156 contentColor=#331202 opacity=55][/background]

SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Reply by Softieone

AWESOME stuff, my sweets!! I'm on vacation (and I use the term loosely, because I'm really just doing repairs on the homefront. lol), but I did find time to put 5 designs together that I will try to post later this morning. xoxo

Have a great day all!
Margie {(*.*)}

SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Reply by Softieone

[background font=Coming+Soon fontSize=17 fontColor=#000000 contentColor=#F0F0F0 opacity=70][/background]

[background font=BenchNine fontSize=20 fontColor=#E4E4E4 contentColor=#303030 opacity=70][/background]

[background font=Felipa fontSize=20 fontColor=#BCBCBC contentColor=#000000 opacity=70][/background]

[background font=Mountains+of+Christmas fontSize=22 fontColor=#000000 contentColor=#B5B5B5 opacity=70][/background]

[background font=Qwigley fontSize=28 fontColor=#333333 contentColor=#D5D5D5 opacity=70][/background]

(back to


Reply by BekiGOLD

they are stunning Margie


Reply by JubiGOLD

I agree with Beki

MoxieMainiac68LEVEL 79

Reply by MoxieMainiac68PATRON

Wish I could around when I can ??

{{{{MARGIE & BEKI}}}} These are GORGEOUS my beautiful sistahs!!!!!!!

ShilohkokoLEVEL 103

Reply by ShilohkokoSNAP-STAR

LOVE the new additions Sistas! They are FANTASTIC!!!! :0)


Reply by BekiGOLD

[background font=Spirax fontSize=19 fontColor=#B50421 contentColor=#000000 opacity=50][/background]

[background font=Spirax fontSize=19 fontColor=#B5002D contentColor=#000000 opacity=50][/background]

SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Reply by Softieone

You rawk, woman!!!! I'm defiinitely going to be using your designs when I'm back to singing!!! Love the new additions!!!

ShilohkokoLEVEL 103

Reply by ShilohkokoSNAP-STAR

[background font=Cherry+Swash fontcolor=#15ABA2 fontsize=18 contentcolor=#271A21 opacity=10][/background]

ShilohkokoLEVEL 103

Edited reply by ShilohkokoSNAP-STAR

[background font=Fondamento fontcolor=#CCCCD2 fontsize=18 contentcolor=#BE4128 opacity=20][/background]

SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Reply by Softieone

{{{{{Kat}}}}} I'm loving these!!! Awesome rich colors!!!! <3<3


Reply by BekiGOLD

wooo sooo juicy !! this thread is like eye candy that can't get me into trouble lol

-PeachieLEVEL 103

Reply by -PeachieSNAP-STAR

Ladies, these all look amazing! I've got a question for do you know what fonts work and which do not? I have tried many that just don't work. Is it trial and error or are you working off some sort of list?

SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Reply by Softieone

Hi Laura! Thanks hon! For me, it's trial and error, but I do have a favorite Google font. That's Fondamento. When all else fails, I go to that one. lol

MoxieMainiac68LEVEL 79

Reply by MoxieMainiac68PATRON

Wish I could around when I can ??

Love the new additions here sistahs!!!!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend;)


Reply by BekiGOLD

Ladies, these all look amazing! I've got a question for do you know what fonts work and which do not? I have tried many that just don't work. Is it trial and error or are you working off some sort of list?-Peachie

these pages may help sweets .. re: google fonts: all the fonts work .. it is just trial and error from there re: size
Helpful Links
Designing SS Pages 101
BBCode Intermediate
Google Fonts
Google Color Chooser

-PeachieLEVEL 103

Reply by -PeachieSNAP-STAR

Thank you so much Beki and Margie!!

SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Reply by Softieone

A few "masculine-ish" designs.

[background font=Flamenco fontSize=20 fontColor=#b9d3fe contentColor=#03115F opacity=40][/background]

[background font=Roboto+Slab fontSize=16 fontColor=#2c8534 contentColor=#030303 opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Delius+Unicase fontSize=12 fontColor=#978B7B contentColor=#110d0c opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Orbitron fontSize=14 fontColor=#264D9D contentColor=#000000 opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Sevillana fontSize=22 fontColor=#412701 contentColor=#D9D9D9 opacity=90][/background]

Page may take a while to load because of all the graphics. Please be patient. If you find any mistakes in the coding, please let one of us know. Thanks!

Nancy52LEVEL 36

Reply by Nancy52

Ladies you totally rock! - More You Rock Comments

I know this represents hours of tedious and creative work. Those of us who are not as gifted appreciate you!




WOW....You ladies are so AWESOME & TALENTED...
Thanks 4 all your work here 4 us SNAPPERS...
CG__loves all of these.............YES...


RachelRae8LEVEL 111

Reply by RachelRae8SNAP-STAR


beautiful ladies!!

SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Reply by Softieone

[background font=Jim+Nightshade fontSize=25 fontColor=#000000 contentColor=#93C5D3 opacity=60][/background]

[background font=Elsie+Swash+Caps fontSize=18 fontColor=#220807 contentColor=#BBAA69 opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Marck+Script fontSize=19 fontColor=#954E4C contentColor=#FFB9B9 opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Crafty+Girls fontSize=14 fontColor=#000000 contentColor=#6DACD6 opacity=80][/background]

[background font=Nova+Round fontSize=16 fontColor=#C0C0C0 contentColor=#000000 opacity=90][/background]

Page may take a while to load because of all the graphics. Please be patient. If you find any mistakes in the coding, please let one of us know. Thanks!

I know you guys must get tired of seeing my stuff. lol Please understand that I have more free time on my hands to make some. Beki and Kat will add more as time allows. xoxo


Reply by JubiGOLD

No need to be sorry for sharing beauty

Lil_manderLEVEL 41

Reply by Lil_manderGOLD

These look amazing!! Can't wait to use some of them...not gonna lie though I usually forget to decorate my page...but will have to start remembering cuz these are too lovely to pass up;)


Reply by BekiGOLD

beautiful i love this thread .. thanks for the thanks too ladies

This is the win win thread ..we love making them, you love using them ....


SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Reply by Softieone

<~ What she said!

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