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How does this duet work?

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sprstr7427LEVEL 16

Post by sprstr7427

Is there a specific way I have to record it? I'd like to do a female part of a song, but not sure how I'd get the male?

GlizzieLEVEL 8

Reply by Glizzie

I know there's a duet category on this message board where people post when they want a duet partner. Maybe check that out and see if that helps.

sprstr7427LEVEL 16

Reply by sprstr7427

ok thank you

hankyLEVEL 16

Reply by hanky

Only way to get a male is contact there name and comment on one of there songs and let them know that u would love them to do a duet with your song..

NovellaLEVEL 111

Reply by NovellaSNAP-STAR +3

If you're interested in volunteering for the Events Team - Holla!

You certainly can ask people.. or just post it and start hopin some kind dude takes ya up on it.. Put in your notes "Open Duet" or something ...