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Forum games and other fun stuff.

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Nutty Song Titles
By Nazzo 103
Exchange One Word in a Song Title with the Word"Peanut" or "Peanuts"
No replies 61
Movie Titles
By Nazzo 103
Exchange one word in a Movie Title with the word "Onion" or "Onions"
No replies 63
Closed: Just how Really does Over 30 Hormone Solution W...
By wellbeinghormone36 3
Not only can they stop getting of just about any advantages, having said that they can be able to also give honestly important ...
No replies 115
Closed: Parkinson's Disease Protocol Is generally a Scam!
By parkinsonremedy9 3
Disabling it can result in various impaired or missing characteristics. Almost everything this gentleman says flies in the face...
No replies 113
Closed: 60 Abundance Affirmations To Change Your Attitude
By briskmanifest6 2
Don't forget about, you are worthy of all sorts of things you want. The book that placed manifesting about the road map and als...
No replies 99
By Nazzo 103
SONGS THAT JUST DIDN'T DO IT FOR YOU! (One entry at a time if you can hold backbut if there's no new entry after 24 hours, plac...
No replies 93
Closed: NewT
By tony 103
No replies 92
Closed: NewTHread
By tony 103
No replies 106
By Poppy
My name is Poppy. I am just a simple nutter. I've kept a page of crazy Horoscopes for almost 4 decades now. It just stuck with ...
619 replies
By Entantress 2
This topic has been created by SingSnap staff on the original posters behalf. Your original topic has been very successful and...
3,816 replies
Closed: 4 letter words
By jeannetteb
Ok! So here everyone should post a 4-letter word, but it can't be dirty!
12,539 replies
Closed: One + Two to make Three
By Nazzo 103
Make the last word on the previous comment, your first word and add two more e.g. running around happily happily married now no...
1,841 replies
Closed: Word Association
This topic has been created by SingSnap staff on the original posters behalf. Your original topic has been very successful and...
13,811 replies
Closed: Songs
By cannotsing24 109
New game ,,,,,,,,,,Read thank you, I put a song and you take the LAST LETTER AND ADD YOUR SONG LIKE THIS ,,,,,,,,NO ARTIST NEED...
693 replies
Closed: Bands/singers
By Rutly 63
This is a game we used to play on long road trips. name a band or singer the next person takes the last letter to do the next. ...
5,777 replies
Closed: Test Your Music Memory
By Nazzo 103
Simply answer the question One entry at a time.
337 replies
Closed: Covid-19 Lighthearted Relief
By Nazzo 103
Post anything amusing so we can share a little giggle given we're all housebound in this time of serious uncertainty.
62 replies
Closed: Onomatopoeia
By Bidfig 16
So you type in some onomatopoeia like bang or plop. I'll start. Plop
11 replies
Closed: Answer the Question with a Pic
By Nazzo 103
Answer the question Posted with a picture that provides a feasible answer. Then ask a new question For example ... What kind...
98 replies
Closed: Humorous book titles and authors
By chidder 4
Time to put your thinking caps on and come up with book titles and authors to add a little humour.... for example Traveling In ...
525 replies
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