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Looking for a song upload
By 4Dvoice 33
Can someone upload Dan Fogelberg's "Seeing you again"?
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Backup singer(s)? I'll return the favor!!
By bluegoatwood 40
The effect usually just ain't right when I do my own backups. Is anyone willing to do The Miracles for me? I've got one partic...
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Attention Uploaders! Version 5.0 Recorder
By Time_Passages
Please note that the Aspect Ratio for the recorder is narrower, so please break your lyrics to shorter lines. Thanks. PS. It lo...
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I'm not going anywhere
By starfire411 96
I don't think there is a karaoke version for this song, so I am reaching out to our musicians here, piano or guitar if you can ...
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By sweetsuejustyou 85
[center] [img code=show]"> This is where I wi...
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By sweetsuejustyou 85
This is where I will posting karaoke tracks that I have uploaded to CS for every genre except gospel and Christmas songs which ...
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I will upload a song for you
By juanroberto 75
I will upload a song for you if you use my email and contact me at it helps me to keep a running list thank...
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Member Feedback on recently added songs - Be Kind
By Time_Passages
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Long Long Time, Mindy McCready
By Steve49210 54
Can anyone to help me to download the music track for this song minus Mindy McCready’s voice of course. I’m looking for the tru...
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By BTO 67
Can anyone help me with this?.. I want " Tonight It's You" by Cheap Trick download.. I'm a amature at this and any help would b...
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I want this song!
By JulieW2119 68
Peacekeeper by Fleetwood Mac. There is already a Demo but I want to sing the song .Can anyone help.please???
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Can anyone help me with an upload please?
By Songbird35 64
Hi everyone who reads this post. I have fallen in love with I'm Leaving the Table by Leonard Cohen. My neighbor plays him all ...
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NutraVesta ProVen Review: Is it a scam or does ...
By provenpills56 3
Also, the dosage isn’t even that large in the initial location, I’ve seen many body fat burners that have a greater glucomannan...
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World wide web affiliate marketing and advertis...
By incometips91 2
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song request Community Songbook
By DustyD 53
Good Morning :)Hoping this is the right place to post this thread.Would anyone be able to help me ?? I would truly love to reco...
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I'm not going anywhere
By starfire411 96
Can anyone put this very beautiful song on singsnap:karaoke version, doesn't matter if it is the duet version or not please and...
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CateyesJan's Community Songbook Uploads
By CateyesJan
"Hello Sing Snappers" My Uploaded Songs Will Be Posted Here: PLEASE KEEP THIS THREAD CLEAN TO STAY (ORGANIZED) SHOULD YOU HAVE ...
271 replies
Last by CateyesJan 5 months
5 months
Upload Surprise ???
By Time_Passages
Checked the Upload Tab this morning and saw some of my most recent community songbook uploads. Not a complete list but looks li...
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I Need some Help.
By Zgelik 2
For various reasons I can’t play anymore. Does anybody here MAKE backing tracks? To order for instance? Man that would be so us...
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This is From a Old Thread But I will Be Adding Some of My More Recent Uploads Here also [url]
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