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Community Songbook

Help others, get help, and share the songs you create.

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song request Community Songbook
By DustyD 52
Good Morning :)Hoping this is the right place to post this thread.Would anyone be able to help me ?? I would truly love to reco...
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I'm not going anywhere
By starfire411 96
Can anyone put this very beautiful song on singsnap:karaoke version, doesn't matter if it is the duet version or not please and...
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CateyesJan's Community Songbook Uploads
By CateyesJan
"Hello Sing Snappers" My Uploaded Songs Will Be Posted Here: PLEASE KEEP THIS THREAD CLEAN TO STAY (ORGANIZED) SHOULD YOU HAVE ...
271 replies
Last by CateyesJan 9 days
9 days
Upload Surprise ???
By Time_Passages
Checked the Upload Tab this morning and saw some of my most recent community songbook uploads. Not a complete list but looks li...
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I Need some Help.
By Zgelik 2
For various reasons I can’t play anymore. Does anybody here MAKE backing tracks? To order for instance? Man that would be so us...
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This is From a Old Thread But I will Be Adding Some of My More Recent Uploads Here also [url]
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community songbook
With the new site how do we find the community songbook?
1 reply
Last by CateyesJan 29 days
29 days
CateyesJan's & 1957 Trust In Jesus Gospel C...
By CateyesJan
"Hello Sing Snappers" Our Uploaded Trust In Jesus Gospel Songs Will Be Posted Here: PLEASE KEEP THIS THREAD CLEAN TO STAY (ORG...
98 replies
Last by CateyesJan about 1 month
About 1 month
Name This Tune?
By Laci 109
1. Does anyone know the name of this song at 20:55 on this youtube video? 2. Does anyone have a track for it? I'd appreciate an...
1 reply
Last by mi1s2a3 about 1 month
About 1 month
Song Requests
By -Chez-
Request songs to be added to Songbook here. Any member may fulfil your request.
2,181 replies
Last by Laci 109 about 1 month
About 1 month
mi1s2a3's Community Songbook Uploads
By mi1s2a3
* This is where I will be posting karaoke tracks that I have uploaded to CS. * Most of them are French or Spanish. But there ar...
8 replies
Last by mi1s2a3 about 1 month
About 1 month
I need help on a rap for youtube wil give credit
By TheRealWhiteShadow 2
Its all in the title
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Closed: Sweetsuejustyou's Community Songbook Uploads
By sweetsuejustyou 85
This is where I will posting karaoke tracks that I have uploaded to CS. I do mainly oldies and classic country and a bit of int...
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Off topic.
By JulieW2119 68
THIS MEAN TOWN / MAGGIE BELL / RUBY TURNER. Theme to TAGGART HAS anyone managed to upload this theme? Or is there a copyright ...
3 replies
Last by JulieW2119 68 2 months
2 months
Upload Request
By edgar 60
Could someone please upload : Shut Up - Madness Cheers Edgar
2 replies
Last by warpedtime 37 3 months
3 months
Edit title
By Ksteltzer 43
Up loaded I Put A Spell on You Left off "t" in put.edited on upload page,but android did not correct the edit. On Android it is...
1 reply
Last by VitaminDee 101 3 months
3 months
Kriss ' community songbook
By Kriss_inmusic 81
Http:// Welcome! Here is a list of my uploads for the community song book! Have...
1,826 replies
Last by GreenandWhite 70 3 months
3 months
Can I suggest a song to be added to SS?
By deviantlark 54
I’d love to have “Romeo and Juliet”, recorded by The Indigo Girls, added please. I know the Dire Straights version is already h...
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downloading a song
By steven1003 48
I do not know how ...if anyone could possibly download Jeff Bates' song …"If I get drunk tonight"... to make available to karao...
3 replies
Last by singingsister57 105 3 months
3 months
CateyesJan's Created Duets
By CateyesJan
Eddy Arnold (I Really Don't Want To Know) "Duet Version" Country 1960
23 replies
Last by CateyesJan 3 months
3 months
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