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Singing & Songwriting Tips

Help, advice, critique and discussion about singing and writing songs.

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Closed: Out Of Tune Help!
By tt-amoi-azim 8
What is the cause of out of tune singing I never sing because my friends and family said that i really sound so awful.... so i ...
10 replies
Closed: Looking for brutally honest critique!
By Lazunin 30
I just recorded one of my favorite songs to practice improve on, Fly Me to the Moon. I've been working on improv and Jazz for a...
7 replies
Closed: Warming up
By HeneryH 9
The title pretty much says it all, probably pretty basic stuff for most of you. I'm pretty new to all of this, so new that I h...
9 replies
Closed: Range and song finding
By Legatia 40
Hello there! I found a great website to find your vocal range and it then allows you to search for songs with your vocal range!...
1 reply
Closed: Calling All Critics ( Honest )
By ArchangelGabriel2018 58
Hey everyone . I could tell you my year in review but it's too long. It hasn't been an easy one but is getting better. I was of...
1 reply
Closed: Need Your Opinion
By JVHSongDemos 29
Here's the deal. I would love to get some opinions regarding my recording of HURT by Johnny Cash. There are 4 different recordi...
3 replies
Closed: Rate my voice
By Nusret 5
I covered "Your Man" by Josh Turner. Interested in your Feedbacks.
3 replies
Closed: mentor wanted
By angelicbrat 74
People say I have an angelic voice but it needs further training to become professional, anyone on here with official training ...
3 replies
Closed: critique for my songs
By JohnC3553 37
Critique wanted for 180 songs recordings, of which , half are at my performance level. i just require a good ear, listening to ...
5 replies
Closed: songs
By sherin 3
My 9 years old daughter want to paticipate in singing contact pls help me
1 reply
Closed: Baritone trying to hit High C
By MrRocker 6
Hello I am in a school choir but i dont know if my high c sounds good. What do you think?
1 reply
Closed: I know my voice is terrible but, feedback would...
By ElysiumAFL 5
Hello, my voice is terrible and I am fully aware of that. I do not sing as I'm very nervous about it therefore, on this recordi...
6 replies
Closed: How do I write a song? Any tips?
By Cinderella80 76
I would like to write a song. Not just any song, but a poetic song, or a song that has meaning...Or tells a story...A rockballa...
11 replies
Closed: please give me some feedback
By angelicbrat 74
Hi I would love some feedback from someone who really knows their show tunes, what works and what it takes on this one. Just re...
7 replies
Closed: Constructive Feedback Please
By DavidF5236 4
I have done some gigs as a jazz/cocktail pianist and am hoping that by offering blues and some classic rock with singing I migh...
5 replies
Closed: Echoing Effects?
By MNM1983 93
So I hear a lot of people singing, and having echoing sounds in their sings. Anyone care to tell me what program, and or effect...
11 replies
Closed: Hi there would appreciate comments: song title ...
By saba9882 52
Check out this recording of 90s 1 - Soulpatch on #SingSnap #karaoke
No replies 259
Closed: He said i sound so AWFUL
By jc1994 29
I don't want to post my voice here but i need help! somebody here always PM me everytime he see me have a record that i really ...
8 replies
Closed: Are you a great singer
By Mckenziepropst 5
I want your guys opinion about how well you sing. I know i
34 replies
Closed: Please listen
By onmic84 39
No replies 271
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