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Singing & Songwriting Tips

Help, advice, critique and discussion about singing and writing songs.

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Closed: What do yoiu think of how I sing
By Thetrashsinger9000 7
***Link Removed*** thanks pleasevrate out of 10 Note: This topic subject has been moderated by SingSnap staff.
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Closed: Rate Singing
By TeenagersOnlyBob 10
Please rate my singing and tell me what you think.
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Closed: Tell me the truth
By angelicbrat 74
Hi guys, am looking for people who are at least fairly familiar with the song, I'm not That Girl, been rehearsing it for an aud...
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Closed: original songs upload
By singingliz 21
I wrote a very short song and wanted to know if there is anyway for me to post an original song here so that I can get feedback
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Closed: Rate me
By AntWilliams 5
Any feed back welcome and would really appreciate tips on how to improve <3
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Closed: a song I wrote
By angelicbrat 74
Love your thoughts on the lyrics here, think it's got a country beat that starts slow but moves about a bit - all about people ...
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Closed: musician needed
By kentastic 58
Looking for someone that can take a tune from a song I wrote and write and perform the music for it. I wrote and sung a song wi...
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Closed: How's my voice here?
By aja675 4
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Closed: Showing my voice
By P1P4 4
I love to sing it is my best hobby and I want to show it to other people as well.x
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Closed: Love Me Tender
By joaoj 39
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Closed: feedback wanted
By angelicbrat 74
I tried a bit of a challenging gender bender - Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar and would love some feedback http://www.s...
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Closed: fresh prince of baghdad - rate me
By angelicbrat 74
Kinda tribute to will smith as the new genie, what do you think? need some dude to record it In west of Arabia in a jewel fille...
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Closed: My metal rock pop climbing song to do list...
By JerryC8001 48
My metal rock pop song to do list is is a rapidly growing list of songs from hundreds of different bands and singers from all t...
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Closed: Microphone
By PaulJcrowley 42
I want to buy a new microphone. Any recommendations?
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Closed: Singing with others and how
By MichelleSwill 4
Can u sing with others like a Collin here
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Closed: New song
By abbie1981 22
I’m still working on this song but would really appreciate some feed back on It as I plan to sing it in public in the near futu...
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Closed: Songwriting collaboration request
By Lilylowsky 20
I have a song that I need to write ; I have the lyrics but need the music! The SingSnap Band grunge ballad is the kind of thing...
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By edds
Can the Original songs sung by a Gold member be put in Mp3 format when recorded ? Thank you for any replys Edds
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Closed: Experimenting...
By Aerospace_Cowboy 40
.. with using my own guitar skill (I use that word loosely) as accompaniment to my singing. Would love your feedback on these t...
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Closed: love your feedback
By PaulaM1707 18
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