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Singing & Songwriting Tips

Help, advice, critique and discussion about singing and writing songs.

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By Poppy
Last Ditch Effort for transferring text from Legacy.
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Little do you know
By Bellastar47 2
I wish this was onn here. it is from alex&sierra
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I think a rainbow isn't very good color
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Closed: Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon-
By Gojazz1 47
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Closed: For What it's Worth Dusty Springfield
By Gojazz1 47
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Closed: follow me on soundcloud
By mattyrahm 2
Follow me on soundcloud my username is matty rahm
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Closed: Magic is the moonlight
By justpassingtime 57
There are no words 4 Dean Martin song Magic is the moonlight when it was on Legacy it had words thank you
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Closed: sing
By PariKumari 2
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Closed: Does anyone know how to SAVE this.....
By GaryIAM6211 47
How can I SAVE Soundtracks after I change the KEY of the song I will record later?I know something comes up after we RECORD a s...
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Closed: plz listen to my music tell know what yall think
By Moon_Alpha_Babe 7
I'm new and its always been my dream to be a singer so I want some advice I also write my own music too XD
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Closed: pinto
By oioii 3
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Closed: John Lane.
By Merv 56
Again, Thanks for the ride...lovin it..
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Closed: Do you want the truth if you can sing or not? P...
By socomicefox 81
Have not done this in a while and I know alot of ppl like to know the truth rather or not they can sing and I enjoyed doing thi...
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Closed: Totally Harmony Plus
By TheBrim 81
[b]Welcome To Totally Harmony Plus [b]For those that to love listen and/or sing harmony with yourself or others. [b]!!THIS IS N...
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Closed: listen and learn
By POLKS6 14
Id like to have my husband listen to any one do the version of the partridge family ,i think i love you ,don't know where to fi...
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Closed: This is how to sing like your in a live concert
By JohnP8546 14
Singing Elvis live in concert with people screaming and special effects
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Closed: please be honest with me
By angelicbrat 74
Hi there I just recorded this, please be honest with me On my own - Les Mis
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Closed: Singing
By Insharizvu 2
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Closed: Mic vs Live
By Karma2012 12
So I can sing Rock band songs really good. I can sing good in the car..everywhere. But when I get on a mic i feel like I am sou...
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Closed: Singing high notes
By socomicefox 81
Singing high notes can be a challenge and it is good to challenge yourself! But sing healthy yall I am hearing lots of singers ...
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