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Singing & Songwriting Tips

Help, advice, critique and discussion about singing and writing songs.

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Magic is the moonlight
By justpassingtime 57
There are no words 4 Dean Martin song Magic is the moonlight when it was on Legacy it had words thank you
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By PariKumari 2
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Does anyone know how to SAVE this.....
By GaryIAM6211 45
How can I SAVE Soundtracks after I change the KEY of the song I will record later?I know something comes up after we RECORD a s...
1 reply
Last by pls8xx 26 days
26 days
plz listen to my music tell know what yall think
By Moon_Alpha_Babe 6
I'm new and its always been my dream to be a singer so I want some advice I also write my own music too XD
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Last by Moon_Alpha_Babe 6 about 1 month
About 1 month
By oioii 3
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John Lane.
By Merv 56
Again, Thanks for the ride...lovin it..
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Do you want the truth if you can sing or not? P...
By socomicefox 81
Have not done this in a while and I know alot of ppl like to know the truth rather or not they can sing and I enjoyed doing thi...
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Last by bobl 74 about 1 month
About 1 month
Totally Harmony Plus
By TheBrim 81
[b]Welcome To Totally Harmony Plus [b]For those that to love listen and/or sing harmony with yourself or others. [b]!!THIS IS N...
169 replies
Last by TheBrim 81 about 1 month
About 1 month
listen and learn
By POLKS6 13
Id like to have my husband listen to any one do the version of the partridge family ,i think i love you ,don't know where to fi...
2 replies
Last by ImaChristian2 about 1 month
About 1 month
This is how to sing like your in a live concert
By JohnP8546 14
Singing Elvis live in concert with people screaming and special effects
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Last by JohnP8546 14 2 months
2 months
please be honest with me
By angelicbrat 74
Hi there I just recorded this, please be honest with me On my own - Les Mis
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By Insharizvu 2
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Mic vs Live
By Karma2012 12
So I can sing Rock band songs really good. I can sing good in the car..everywhere. But when I get on a mic i feel like I am sou...
5 replies
Last by Clarelola 83 3 months
3 months
Singing high notes
By socomicefox 81
Singing high notes can be a challenge and it is good to challenge yourself! But sing healthy yall I am hearing lots of singers ...
121 replies
Last by MickDiamond 51 4 months
4 months
Closed: Honest critique of your song
By RobbG 56
Hi there! If you are just looking for someone to listen to a song of yours and give you an honest critique, then welcome. I hav...
916 replies
Closed: Voice Control and Key range
By tommymackay 22
How do you feel about some coaching for our members? We all try so hard to sound our best,and some tips will help. EXAMPLE : Pr...
45 replies
Closed: jeff bates
By steven1003 48
Could someone upload a song by JEFF BATES ….."If I get drunk tonight"?....I don't know how to do it ...I so would like this son...
1 reply
Closed: Any tips for improvement?
By silverfeline 7
Hi, I'm new to this site and I joined because I was I was looking for a music community I could get honest and helpful advice o...
6 replies
Closed: Free singing critique/advice from a professional
By PositivelyBobby 77
Hi friends! Since we all have a little more indoor time these days, I thought I would offer to assist you in helping to sing be...
11 replies
Closed: My heart will go on
By Kren44 4
From the Film ‘Titanic’
1 reply
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