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Profile & Thread Design

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Sticky: Put A Background Image On Your Recording!
By Novella 111
How To Put A Background On Your Recording! Follow this tutorial to add a background image to your recording to give it style an...
5 replies
Sticky: Profile & Recording Design Collections
By Rob 90
The Profile & Thread Design category can be a little overwhelming with so many themes and categories available. Larger collecti...
1 reply
Sticky: BBCode 101
By Novella 111
BBCode stands for Bulletin Board Code. It is a lightweight markup language that is used in many message boards to format posts....
6 replies
Sticky: Color Names & Hex Codes
By Novella 111
Hex Code is short for hexadecimal code. Hexadecimal is a positional numeral system with a radix, or base, of 16. It uses 16 sym...
2 replies
Practice Posting Images, Gifs etc
By Xtine 70
I had a six month hiatus away from Snap just around the changeover from Legacy to Version 2. I used to use one of the practice...
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put shift name here
By Tattooed_Angel 84
Put event name here
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By Rob 90
No replies 19
A Journey With Eric,Ernie & Friends
[img code=show]"> WELCOME friends new and old...
No replies 29
GeeJump Music
By GeneJ7310 41
Thanks for listening to my song's
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Literally 1000,s of Legacy Banners GONE? ?
By polishpipes10 59
Just curious, what exactly was to happen to all the banners from contest I had previously one that were posted on my profile on...
No replies 59
By Rob 90
Testing [center][img code=show]"> 1.Dav...
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By Rob 90
No replies 64
By Rob 90
Just a test
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He leaves me let me go live
Michael Knight 10
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Clipping Path Services USa
By Clipping-path-usa 2
Clipp Asia Clipping Path (CACP) is one of the leading Graphic Design house were we provide Clipping Path Service, https://clipp...
No replies 68
By Rob 90
Just a test
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Closed: Johnnys Banners for all contests
By JohnnySilva 81
[img code=show]">
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Closed: willis99 v2.0 Main Index of Images
By willis99 107
The following alphabetized Image Links have been created for ease of access to the Image Library. These threads/images were imp...
No replies 129
Closed: VitaminDeeDesigns - Love & Valentine's Day
By VitaminDeeDesigns
Celebrate love with chocolate, flowers, love notes, stills, cinemagraphs , clip art & more. Happy singing & song/page decoratin...
9 replies
Closed: Valentines & Love Animated Cover Photos
By VitaminDeeDesigns
Happy Month Of Love Enjoy clip art below to use when commenting, decorating your songs and private messages Use large still b...
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