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Website Problems & Help

Having problems? Maybe the community can help.

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By Gaelacha 28
I have been moving all over the site and it appears whatever the problem was isn't there anymore....I've gone from recording to...
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Closed: Problems With Just About Everything
By -Mandy-
I keep getting thrown out of Singsnap while I'm navigating around the place and when trying to save recordings. I have to keep ...
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Closed: Loiging me out
By peacekeeperleader07 2
It keeps signing me and others out..Just hoping maybe you can get this fixed.
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Closed: Bug report: Direct links cause error
By Pppaul 1
Repro: 1 - Save a shortcut/url to a page in the site such as 2 - Expire your sessi...
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Closed: Having Site Nav Probelms
By peacekeeperleader07 2
Me and my friends our having probelms moving around the site.
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Closed: recordings won't go!
By bonbon1164 7
I know everyone has been having problems...but it seems as though alot have been worked out. I still can not get a recording to...
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Closed: Here is the error message I
By bbetty 46
There has been an error while trying to encrypt or decrypt your input string: Given final block not properly padded. Resourc...
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Closed: unexpected errors
By Camberie 5
I often get unexpected errors on this site whenever I drop to it.......then i refresh the site and it I have to log on again...
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Closed: Steve-Mercenary
By Novella 111
I rec'd a PM from Steve and when I click on his name or try to read/respond to the PM it goes the this fellows account... http:...
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Closed: yes there are ALOT of problems,BUT they are doi...
By SouthernMomma 6
I have seen several comments about the new style,and not liking it.IF you want changes ya gotta deal with the bugs for a bit! I...
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Closed: wrong name
By joanncj 28
I tried to go to listen to a person named HEY_VI and the name on her page is joanna????? who is this????? cant listen to HEY-VI...
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Closed: Is It Just Me
By Riddick99 3
When i go to view any recordings the player isnt coming up it just has half of a web url because i cant sing for a few weeks im...
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Closed: Go back temporarily
By jellybean4r2 3
Considering all the problems everyone is now having perhaps we should temporarily go back to the former Singsnap features until...
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Closed: Can't hear music
By Australian_Blue 3
So,If you like everyone you have to vent every now and then, well I don't know if I like the new way because I go to a site on ...
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Closed: Searching the message boards
By Kjellvis 2
It's cumbersome to having to click through the message boards now. What happened to the search function?
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Closed: problems on this site
Is anyone else experiencing problems with this site running really slow is there a problem?
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Closed: I keep getting this error message
By a_blonde_betty_boop 2
I know you probably already know the problem and are in the process of correcting it...but I know sometimes it helps to know wh...
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Closed: I keep getting this message
By a_blonde_betty_boop 2
Sorry about the duplicate post....I didn't think this one never showed me that it did.
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Closed: saving duets
By tammy10
I have been trying to do a duet with a few ppl this morning. Each time, I get finished and go to save the wi...
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Closed: I'm furious!!!!
By Mandy 24
I've seen the new way our private messages are being conducted, and it means that I have lost hundreds of messages between peop...
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