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Private message mix up warning...
By bethybug777 83
I'm letting you all know that my private message to someone was put on someone else's page just now. I was nowhere near the per...
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By neodrew 94
Anyone-else-lose-their-spacebar-function?SeriouslythisishowitlooksevenifIusespaces This is copied and pasted from Word to show ...
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By CrazyHippieCowboy 43
Could We Please do something ----In playing songs in Playlist--VERY IGNORING--A Tab appears/Than Kills the Music---Constantly a...
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Playing songs on Playlist
By CrazyHippieCowboy 43
I talk earlier in the Discussion thread on this topic. The playlist when playing back music the --Are you listening tap pops up...
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Song has no lyrics
By -Data-
Can someone check this song and let me know if there are lyrics on this song?" rel="noo...
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Inner Circle Comments
Question #1 Are the comments on an inner circle song, suppose to be able to be read from "my recording comments"? Mine are not ...
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Mixer without using MMSB is just broken
By w_benjamin 40
The mix during replay and the mix after saving aren't even close.The sync is way off and the volumes are out of whack. If you n...
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Missing Songs Too?
By DiscoFalcon 63
I'm sorry I keep coming up with problems but now I'm seeing not all the songs are available. Where is Mary Chapin Carpenter's "...
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Microphone Issues
By Texas-Tami 85
I was wondering why my sound is so off and apparently I'm singing through the mic on my webcam (computer) instead of my RODE mi...
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Frustration with Web Development and Way Forward
By IsThisThingOn 57
I guess I'll start with the facts.It was announced in July of 2017 that Adobewould stop supportingFlashPlayer after December 31...
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Sharing from android app
By Peter_1965 81
Is it possible to get a share link to my songs on the Android app? Thanks for your help in advance!
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how much longer?
By Bolt_Riprock 54
Im still missing a ton of songs none of my playlists have transfered over none of my inner circle stuff has transfered over im ...
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Editing Song Text
By Sssjim7 103
How do we edit the original comments we put on songs on beta? When I hit the edit key, there is no field for editing those comm...
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Keeping my songs in alphabetical order
By Gutbuster_Hammerhand 69
I know how to put "My Songs" in the alphabetical order, but how do you make it stay that way. As soon as a listen to a song or ...
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By Rhonda_Kaye 89
I liked getting e-mails of my comments, I would delete them as I responded. Now I have to click the bell, can not delete them a...
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Now nothing work anymore
By Benny_FIN 45
As I expected no one without an account can listen to my shared songs on Facebook anymore. It says can be played on 2.0 but to ...
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Question about uninstalling Adobe Flash
By ragtime108 101
Can I still play/listen to my Legacy recordings that used Adobe Flash if I uninstall the Adobe Flash player? ...
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Last by Madleine 18 days
18 days
Is sing snap down?
Is the site down for google chrome for anyone else right now? I had no problems 10 hours ago and now it just shows a blank scre...
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Last by Rhonda_Kaye 89 19 days
19 days
By ravinsixties
My Gold ran out last Month I have NOT renewed but its Still showing Gold! ALSO, Despite Deleting ALL my Recordings, when I trie...
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Last by Glynnis 108 19 days
19 days
Comments won't go through
Is anyone else having any problems today in sending comments on another person's song? I have done a comment and hit "send" and...
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