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Announcement: Want help from SingSnap staff?
By Per
The "Website Problems & Help" area in the message board has been created to make it easier for members to help each other with ...
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I have 5 songs
By schmartypantz 43
But none of them play. I can listen to other members recordings, just not mine.
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Slow Mo music and vocals
By Rocker_Girl 60
I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing the same issues I'm having with recording and if so how did you fix it. I got t...
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By JulieW2119 68
Where and What do I type please? I have clicked there NOTHING HAPPENS???....
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New 2.0 Version !!!! Horrible
By ChuckieBSings4U 82
This new 2.0 is horrible. The volume stinks. I have it maxed out on computer, sing up close to mic and I can hardly hear it. Th...
5 replies
Last by Lone_Country_Wolf 58 about 22 hours
About 22 hours
Can't record, at all!
By Doug_Schwandt 77
Here's my problem in a nutshell: I can't record, either on my phone, or on my Chromebook. I have recorded on both in the past, ...
1 reply
Last by Lone_Country_Wolf 58 about 22 hours
About 22 hours
lyrics always too fast
By Chris96 28
Hi all! Been here for years never had any problems (exacpt I hate the new site lol) but for a week now I cant sing because lyri...
1 reply
Last by Lone_Country_Wolf 58 about 22 hours
About 22 hours
How to remove person from Notification List????
By jc4u 105
At first added someone to list of when they record a song, butnow I'm getting a long list of new recordings they made, whichI w...
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No sound on my player
By bamalynn 64
Is it possible to have Someone come inside my computer and set my sound.I have something disabled and have no idea what it is?
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Update on problems and if progress has been made.
By bigbadrobby 61
It must be time that a regular update was made on all the problems currently being experienced by customers of this app. I woul...
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By CherylP2762 24
All of a sudden, nothing will progress when recording. The blip on the progress line sits at beginning and jumps. I don't know ...
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Getting Sick of This Not Working Correctly
By DiscoFalcon 63
Why does my finished product for this song sound perfect when I mix it but the finished product is mistimed???????? SingSnap, a...
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By Sssjim7 103
I went to listen to some of my songs tonight and suddenly I am singing accupella... the background music is gone! lol...I check...
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Anyone able to save a recording on Windows 7?
By Sally_K 84
I prefer to record from my desktop which has Windows 7. Has anyone been successful using Windows 7? Recording AND saving? WITH ...
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Traveling light
By Johnboy3 38
What's happened to all my comments on all of my songs
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search/browse by year range/genre
By MarkFromArk 35
Please delete...I found what I was looking for :)
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By ZZ-Ed 67
So...what are the preferred dimensions for the background photo on our new profile masthead? Thanks in advance. E
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Non member view count and popularity order
By Benny_FIN 45
When I've shared a song to for example the facebook community and non members "hopefully" listen. How about the view count in t...
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saving recording
By Sally_K 84
I have tried all day to record and I can not get my recordings to save! Frustrating!I was on my desktop with Windows 7 and I tr...
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Friends from Afar please help!!!!!!!!!
By JulieW2119 68
I have copied the link to clipboard but I can t see where abouts Do I STICK IT!!!!!!!
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