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Website Problems & Help

Having problems? Maybe the community can help.

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Announcement: Want help from SingSnap staff?
By Per
The "Website Problems & Help" area in the message board has been created to make it easier for members to help each other with ...
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Play Back Quality
By littlethumper 49
Good Afternoon,I hope that you are all well.I have been playing with the new recorder for quite some time, and i also renewed m...
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By HIghlander 62
Error Devjce not found................. Helpppppp
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By Rhonda_Kaye 89
I am no longer able to access ss on my laptop, it just shows a page with logo and will not open. I can access on desktop. Hope ...
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Scam on comments
By Bobbiann 41
Comment on my page from a Generic9921.. Claiming a prize is attached to email to claim. I feel some friends thunk I created thi...
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By Amaris 18
Not sure why but i can't seem to get my camera on when I record. I get an error message that camera is not found?
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songs no lyrics coming out
By elgyn
Problem with songs no lyrics coming out like ( how will i know ) song from Whitney Houston
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My name is ronnie rachal, blues-king. My wife, Donna rachal,has tried to make a monthly payments to become a gold member. twice...
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Need help finding something on my account.
By Texasirish 46
Could anyone help me find where to go to see when my Gold membership runs out? I've tried on the mobile app. I've tried in Lega...
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Song lyrics cut off on both sides!
By BloodHalo 60
Singsnap isn't NEAR as good as it used to be... I wish there were other alternatives like the old singsnap.
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Paid Blue Member????
By pls8xx
This morning I checked into SS and saw that I was no longer gold. I've been on auto pay ever since 2012. August 28 is my renewa...
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Can't find.....
By Rhonda_Kaye 89
I miss seeing who has sang it when you go to "Sing" and find a duet. My friend may have sang it months ago and I really, really...
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10 000++++++ plays???
By 9lives 2
Been here since the beginning.NEVER have i seen so many views on a song!So I went ahead and listened to some these ....Really??...
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problem with a song file
By sigsense 2
Maybe this is overly specific, but for what it's worth, the song file for "A Letter to Elise" by The Cure is very hard to use.T...
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Search Function is broken...
By Sssjim7 103
The search for songs to sing function is broken. The results returned are either missing a lot of songs, or not returning any r...
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Error comes up before ready to record
By SueW5284 54
Hi, hope someone can help..the following error comes up just before ready to record Not Allowed Error-Permission denied by sys...
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website won't load
By JamesP6727 30
The new singsnap web site won't load or log in, all i get on the log in on the site is a logo in the center of the page and i c...
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Mic Levels, People let me know how you fixed
By Rocker_Girl 60
So the song recorder has changed again I see. I had a mess in my puter to fix up and finally got that fixed to not be able to r...
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Did I complain too much? Two Trending Songs?
By Deveney 64
I absolutely KNOW that I am one of those folks complaining about the Trending Carousel on the Listen tab... but Gawsh.... I hav...
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Your Song ByMICHAELKNIGHT3In the Style Of Elton John3,512345+May 7, 2008 White Wedding ByMICHAELKNIGHT3In the Style Of Billy Id...
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