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Website Problems & Help

Having problems? Maybe the community can help.

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Announcement: Want help from SingSnap staff?
By Per
The "Website Problems & Help" area in the message board has been created to make it easier for members to help each other with ...
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New website
By Frogprince47 38
Personally, I thought that the previous website was easier to use. A person just starting off, could sign on and have very litt...
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I REALLY dislike some things on this new site.
By ShdwKnght
The thing I dislike most about this new site is trying to find a song in the featured songs. On the legacy site, I could search...
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can't remix anything
By luckylibra11 62
Now today i can't remix???? Any help?
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how come the playlists never transfered?
By Bolt_Riprock 54
I had everything organized and up to now i could go to legacy and look up my playlists, All of a sudden i cant do that. If you ...
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Laptop doesnt work with the new Sing Snap
By karaokeguy1951 36
Am i the only one who can't record or sometimes even just listen to others uploads?? The old version of Sing Snap allowed me to...
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Need to listen to recordings from 2009
By Diamondlady 6
Msg says legacy offline songs available on 2.0
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I am about ready to cancel!
By luckylibra11 62
I keep leaving and coming back to see if issues are fixed! and to my surprise THEY AREN'T. This has been my go to for karaoke s...
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By HellenMelon 46
I see all the great graphics that people use on their profiles, or post on a member's profile. Can someone please tell me how t...
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"Fly me to the Moon" song wrong
By goldeneve 45
I just tried to load the player on the Ave Maria and loader would not I tried another song.. "Fly Me to the Moon" the ...
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What's the trick to get the recorder to load?
By goldeneve 45
I been away for a bit...but now my recorder wont load.any ideas one what I need to do?Edit to loaded..not sure if it wa...
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Not Found Error
By otisbroth 42
Requested device not found. It says this when I try to record anything. Any help would be great. Thanks!
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how to?
By Foxie 57
How do you add a photo in the song box and not your profile shot
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Logo in record window blocking lyrics.
By RowdyYates 73
Is anyone else annoyed that the SS logo, in the middle of the lyrics window, is blocking the lyrics?? It needs to either be mad...
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Not able to record at all!
By Hijinx1 59
I just get an error message , my last recording was December last year, i renewed membership in November ! I've used Edge, Fire...
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New recorder - same old sync problems
By Sssjim7 103
Every time I attempt to sing a song, the same thing happens. I can adjust the sync so I am good at the beginning of the song, b...
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Error messages
By tshort 9
Why are all the songs blocked right now with a permission denied message?
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No lyrics in some songs and duets failing
By justed 19
I wanted to do "Bat out of Hell" from Meatloaf but there are no lyrics? And everytime I pick a song that's a duet a question co...
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Sinsnap band recordings
By N2Mystic 56
Singsnap band recordings are not recordable . I can practice them all day but am unable to record . "NO LYRICS YET" on screen ....
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