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Announcement: How to Submit a Song Request
By Rob 90 +1
In an effort to keep requests organized, we ask that users enter their suggestions using the Song Requests link located in the ...
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I'm not trying to condem this site
By IanB5447 31
I'm just saying the platform is completely Wrong and way off the path of the old site , It can't work like this .
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Sort on featured songs by artist?
By RowdyYates 73
I know that it isn't a top priority but it would be nice to be able to sort featured songs to record by artist. As it is now we...
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Make window full sized when choosing songs.
By johnjerad 48
Not sure if this has been suggested before, but its a pain scrolling through the songs within that tiny window. It needs a full...
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SingSnap Original
By jc4u 105
In the SingSnap Original, it's listed, Member Original. It wouldbe wonderful and oh so helpful to have a place for the TITLE!Th...
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New releases
By greeneyes56 89
I wonder if the developers can add category to the new releases, would save a lot of time searching.
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Option to Add Clickable Song Link to Status Line!
By jc4u 105
In addition to expanding capacity of status line,please add the ability to add a clickable song link to thestatus line! Thank y...
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Reply link disappears after posting a reply
By havingago 83
When replying to a message board, and posting one reply, there's an error message appearing when trying to post another reply. ...
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Just a few simple changes
By AardvarkBark 59
Change the song page access. Do away with the right and left arrow and allow us to again select the specific page we could sele...
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hate the new site
By steven1003 48
IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Multiple selections
By jeannetteb
Could we have multiple selection enabled for editing recordings, messages, etc., whether to delete, make private, etc. Please! ...
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New format
By ChrisR54 46
I am sorry that Singsnap have updated, and I use the term lightly, this site. I have tried and just can't get the hang of it. C...
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Friday Challenges
By ragtime108 101
I think a lot more people would be alerted to participate if the challenges could be linked to on the home page header like the...
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Trending list
By Sally_K 84
Same people on the trending list for days at a time. A few days off and right back on again. Why not give more people a chancet...
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Stop button on recorder!
By --Paula-Jayne--
On Legacy i liked that i could click the stop button before i'd finished singing the song and it would record to the point wher...
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New "Listen" Section: "Featured ...
By neodrew 94
Patron-Curated "Featured Playlists"New Feature in the Listen Section One of the best ways to drive member interest and involvem...
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Open Duets- Please Alphabetize?
By GGCalifornia 50
Hi, Since people typically know which duets they want to sing, it would be nice to have the option to alphabetize the song titl...
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By ZZ-Ed 67
One of things I can still do is create playlists of my own songs. will only play about 6 songs and then totally STOP ...
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Song comment replies hidden now
By AndypandyUK 58
Just wonder why replies to comments are hidden now on 2.0. On the legacy there were visible to everyone all the time. Now peopl...
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Sync Adjustments: Allow Finer Millisecond Control
By neodrew 94
I'm finding that I'm able to get my recordings CLOSE to synchronization with the track, but that it would be good to be able to...
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