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Website Suggestions

Have an idea for a feature that you think we should add?

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Announcement: How to Submit a Song Request
By Rob 90
In an effort to keep requests organized, we ask that users enter their suggestions using the Song Requests link located in the ...
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Song comment replies hidden now
By AndypandyUK 58
Just wonder why replies to comments are hidden now on 2.0. On the legacy there were visible to everyone all the time. Now peopl...
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Sync Adjustments: Allow Finer Millisecond Control
By neodrew 94
I'm finding that I'm able to get my recordings CLOSE to synchronization with the track, but that it would be good to be able to...
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Bring back old sing snap
By Chris96 28
The new site is awfull, not fun at all I use to have a blast here and now I don't even stay for more than 2-3 songs... I don't ...
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?i?n Máy Thành An - C?a hàng ?i?n máy bán máy l...
By dienmaythanhan1 7
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I am very disappointed t
By babylynn 15
Disappointed expecting the awesome site I love I really want a refund the mixing not beind able to share glitching y'all fixing...
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Option to show or hide camera post recording
By RowdyYates 73
I have noticed that, although I don't even have a camera connected to my system, every song by default records video. On the le...
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Simple, but meaningful, upgrades
By implosion
The new player, when on full screen playback, doesn’t increase the video size at all. Also, I haven’t seen a way to go full scr...
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comment section
By RoseL6557 111
It would be nice and easier to navigate if the comment box was at the bottom of the page instead of top. Just a suggestion.
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By tfson 68
I have tried to defend and welcome a new Singsnap, but I think that ship has now sailed. I am not willing to jeopardize my year...
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Sharing our songs with non singsnap friends
By instantreplay 18
Please help me. I could be missing something somewhere. Please help me figure out how I can share my recordings with my friends...
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By littlejohn55 12
This new version is terrible can i get the old one back
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By Jimkjim 74
Hi, I don't know anything about websites, but I do know when one is hard to navigate, and this one is hard, and time consuming!...
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Move the Save Recording button
By RowdyYates 73
One problem that I had when I first started using 2.0 is that the Save Recording page (the page that comes up after you've sync...
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Search Option among Fans/Favorites
By jc4u 105
Instead of having to scroll through Fans/Favorites, a search option would bevery helpful!
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A few more suggestions . . .
By Deelightful99 75
Just a few suggestions for the website. Some have been stated before but I want to be sure someone on the team sees them and pa...
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Mobile friendly web format.
By Piper-x-333
I'm thinking it's safe to assume the team will get around to creating a mobile friendly web version of the site eventually. Thi...
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I tried...for 4 hours...
By Xena 46
I just cant do it...I can;t sync.... I know I am not that off on the songs, I have been doing this forever..I just cant get it ...
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Bio Field Formatting: Allow Rich Text
By neodrew 94
I have noticed that the Recording information field is a rich text field that allows us to use these formats: ·bold·italic·colo...
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new site
By steven1003 48
It sucks ...terrible,terrible update enough to lose me .....terrible ...12 year old designed it
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