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New member on SingSnap? Introduce yourself here!

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Sticky: Welcome To SingSnap!
By Novella 111 +3
We're Glad To Have You As Part Of Our Family! Chances are, you have joined SingSnap because you love music but we hope that you...
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tinybet site
By top-crash 2
??????? ?? ??????? ?????? ???? ??? ??? ???? ????? ?? ??? ?????? ????? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ????? ?? ????? ??? ???? ?...
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this site is trash
By tizzle214 44
Songs I sang begfore can not be found I pay for this shit and if ut isn't fixed I wasn't my money back
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Welcome to the NEW Coconut Lounge!!
By CoconutDave 88
FAQ's of the Lounge.. Q: How do I upload a recording to the Lounge? A: This applies to any recording... whether you go another ...
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Welcome back to the to the Coconut Lounge!!
By CoconutDave 88
The lounge began soon after I started collaborating with pixiefairy72 and fell in love with duetting. Back in its relative infa...
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Just Wanted to say Hi
By Bruisedorange88 5
Did one video. Excited to be able to sing again! Check it out!
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Last by cannotsing24 109 2 months
2 months
By cwang50 67
I have been going about this wrong for over 13 years. I have gone to the newbie list and posted an invite to Vocal Creation htt...
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Last by cwang50 67 3 months
3 months
Only Performed Karaoke Live
By TerryB5602 3
I need far more instruction I need to make this work - How to buy a Camara wjere to attach it as to how to get involved in the ...
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Last by -Bev- 108 3 months
3 months
I'm new here don't know how to do anything cm
By lovethistime 18
Idon't know how to do anything
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Last by countryman2011 40 3 months
3 months
New to the site and looking for fun?!!
By Cowboyjd75 5
If you like country and wanna hear some good music, check me out.
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Last by Cowboyjd75 5 4 months
4 months
im new
By BottomsUpRadioCa 24
Hi im new to sing snap i am shy don't sing in front of people but its not bad on this site i never new there was a online site ...
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Last by -Bev- 108 5 months
5 months
Closed: hey i'm new and looking for friends :D
By LuanaVxxxxx 13
Hi everybody! I just discovered this platform... seems to be a nice place 'cause I've already had a lot of fun I love to sing a...
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Closed: Hello and Mic not registering
By Queen_potato7 4
Good Day everyone, I am not only new to this site but new to my equipment and karaoke online in general, so please bare with me...
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Closed: Newbie here
By ladylark
Hi all, I officially joined a few days ago, but have been singing for forever. I'm Just getting my bearings here, but I'm looki...
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Closed: Hello from Western Australia
I am new to Singsnap so I say g'day to you and I hope I can contribute a smile
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Closed: My Introduction
By Rhea511 21
Hello fellow music lovers, I am 60 and live in the Mid West. You may hear a Southern accent because I grew up there. I would de...
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Closed: Nice to meet you
By Allijway 4
Im AlliJ today is my coming out day ! I’ve sang just about everywhere in and out my home you can imagine . Music is my peace in...
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Closed: Wisconsin Newbie
By ThreadWithAmbition 13
Saw this site mentioned on a different chat site tonight and decided to check it out. Liked it so much better than the other si...
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Closed: New member in Texas
By RWTX2020 41
Hello everyone. I'm Russ, and I am happy and excited to be here with all of you. I am very new to karaoke. In fact, I sang my v...
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Closed: Newbie... Sort of
By Jesisamess 35
I've joined SingSnap twice but I just found the "hidden" community here. My name is Jesi. I have always loved singing; karaoke...
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