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Recording Help & Tips

Having problems recording or want to share your tips?

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Sticky: Timing problems with The Mixer.
By Jason 48
If you are having issues with the 'sync' then this thread is for you. What I mean by 'sync' is the synchronization of the voice...
433 replies
Sticky: Setup Guides for Sound and Mic Settings
By Rob 90
The following guides from our Help Tutorials will help you through the process of checking your sound and mic settings to ensur...
3 replies
Announcement: Want help from SingSnap staff?
By Per
The "Recording Help & Tips" area in the message board has been created to make it easier for members to help each other with is...
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Solution for overmodulation on recordings.
By RowdyYates 73
I've been playing around with volumes in the mixer and found that I put the music at 2 and the vocals at about 4 the levels com...
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How do you share recording to social media?
By Khovanec61 4
How do you share recording to social media?
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Won't save
By Sally_K 84
I have tried to record twice and both times I go through all the steps properly and my recordings don't save....just disappear!...
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Who changed the recorder
By Sandyf982 35
This recorder is not as good as the Old one . The set up for it is hard to navigate the buttons are all wrong . What’s up with ...
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Enlarging Recording Screen and Lyrics Only View?
By Bruce_Simbuck
On Legacy there used to be two options that enabled me to read the lyrics while standing. The first was a button that enlarged ...
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Magic is the moonlight
By justpassingtime 57
There are no words 4 Dean Martin song Magic is the moonlight when it was on Legacy it had words thank you
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My Garageband keeps crashing
By ohlson4p 4
Hey guys, I have an iPhone XR and I was using Garageband on my mac for a long time. However, when I open GB on my iPhone, it st...
9 replies
Last by JohnSmith01 2 13 days
13 days
How to fix that lag while syncing...
By CoconutDave 88
I and many others notice that there is a creeping lag that develops while you are syncing a song in the mixer. I figured out wh...
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Uploading singsnap recordings to Facebook
By lensouth 36
Is it possible to upload singsnap recordings to Facebook?
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Echo effect
By Avalaff 48
I was wondering if there is an echo effect tool on here As ive listened to a few songs on here that seem to use an echohow do i...
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That darn lag in the mixer... SOLVED!!
By CoconutDave 88
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By llee2lee 15
I have been listening to numerous recording from the new SingSnap and the dreaded sibilants in the recordings are so pronounced...
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Old deleted recordings are back
By painkiller 46
I went to record a new song tonight and a lot of my old songs I deleted months ago are back in my recorded list. has anyone els...
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Warble warble
By MinxyMaxy 51
I'm using a tablet atm as my grand daughter has my laptop. I've noticed when I record a song it's warbling and when I play back...
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Beta reviews
By Gman75 50
Share your Beta songs, review for each other and comment on the the things that work and t those that don't.This thread is for ...
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no mic or cam
By SilverBlu 68
Hi everybody, I know flash is gone now when using Chrome for SS. I was just on SS recording fine a little over a week ago, no o...
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No Volume Just Video
By Mister_Blue 13
Nooo Volume Slound of Any Kind
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