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Recording Help & Tips

Having problems recording or want to share your tips?

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Sticky: Timing problems with The Mixer.
By Jason 48
If you are having issues with the 'sync' then this thread is for you. What I mean by 'sync' is the synchronization of the voice...
433 replies
Sticky: Setup Guides for Sound and Mic Settings
By Rob 90
The following guides from our Help Tutorials will help you through the process of checking your sound and mic settings to ensur...
3 replies
Announcement: Want help from SingSnap staff?
By Per
The "Recording Help & Tips" area in the message board has been created to make it easier for members to help each other with is...
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The Recorder I Want
By pls8xx
A karaoke recorder is a system where a backing track is played while the user'svoice is being recorded. A lyrics presentation i...
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Harmonies to the Beatles Your mother should know
By JulieW2119 68
Hi I cannot find access to full harmonies for The Beatles Your mother should know broken down separately so I can learn them.Wo...
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By GinaMarie11 22
I have a good mic now and a Behringer mixer.. I want to get a good voco pro system for singing, just looking for something that...
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HELP !!!!!
By The_Geezer 64
How do I enter my song into a Contest
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Using MAC with Yamaha mixer MG-10XU
By PlayfulBadger 11
I have seen a lot of comments over the years mentioning my Yamaha MG-10XU mixer. Is there anyone out there who KNOWS how to pro...
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sinc issues
By jammerlamby28 34
Has anyone else had problems with your recordings not sincing. I have since the website has changed. I have tried multiple time...
No replies 17
Recording System
By Gojazz1 47
What kind of recording system do you use? Could you please give me a link to one of your recordings?
No replies 16
Hooking up a USB mixer?
By ERRN 48
I have a USB mixer that I bought for other things but can it be set up to record on SIngsnap? Any tips or instructions would b...
No replies 19
cant record using my laptop
By karaokeguy1951 36
I've been away from sing snap for almost a year. When I returned I find a new website and now my laptop won't record anymore!I'...
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Video enhancement
By _Dusky_ 32
Hi i can I enhance my features when using using the video. Is there another application I can add ?
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New Era SS 2.0
By willis99 107
2021 May
No replies 27
Where's My Songs?
By strawberi50 58
What happened to all my older songs??? I wanted to keep them. Some originals.
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Clicking noise when music is played through SS 2.0
By SrA_FlyBoy21 23
I have just tried to open the new SingSnap to sing a few songs, and the sound quality is not good. I am running a PC with an 8 ...
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By tubbywild 45
Has anyone else had a problem of Mic volume dropping out when the song gets busy. I've noticed when the song starts and is of a...
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Lag issues when recording
By -Shelley-
Hiya,I want to get some feedback/help regarding lag issues. I also cannot hear sound on my songs after recording, so I would ap...
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Uploading mp3s to create a karaoke track
By MsNatalie 79
I uploaded several mp3s with the old Legacy singsnap with NP....but now, I keep getting message saying I need to sync... I see ...
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really WTF
By justriverrat 37
I cant hear myself anymore and its way off.i wont pay for another day
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