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Recording Help & Tips

Having problems recording or want to share your tips?

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Sticky: Timing problems with The Mixer.
By Jason 48
If you are having issues with the 'sync' then this thread is for you. What I mean by 'sync' is the synchronization of the voice...
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Sticky: Setup Guides for Sound and Mic Settings
By Rob 90
The following guides from our Help Tutorials will help you through the process of checking your sound and mic settings to ensur...
3 replies
Announcement: Want help from SingSnap staff?
By Per
The "Recording Help & Tips" area in the message board has been created to make it easier for members to help each other with is...
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Stereo Duets
By pls8xx
One of the big improvements to SS2 is that our vocals can now be in stereo. This is most useful for duets, but I'm not seeing i...
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By igahmah 41
Please, please I beg you change the way the lyrics feed. It was so much better when you could see all of a verse on one page . ...
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Setting up my sound. Ordering stuff. Suggestions ?
By UFOz8MyGoat 52
The blue snow is one of my mics. Trying to power this mic and split it off into the play 3. The white one. This is what ive ord...
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Way to change dynamics of different parts of song?
By Eireann 51
I know the Singsnap recorder software just raises or lowers the volume of the your voice for the same increment for the duratio...
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Remixing = Frustrating
By midnightblue62
I'm finding my singing after saving my recordings is too fast, so I'm remixing each time.I find that a vocals level of -230 to ...
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How to setup mixer
By joaoj 39
Can anyone share image(s) on how to setup a mixer?
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By RoseL6557 111
I have tried link, am not using the right way.... help!
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question about videos from legacy?
By Deveney 64
I would like to ask how are previous videos/songs from legacy being "scunched" down in the new SingSnap 2.0. Is this a me thin...
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My Recording Won't Play
By Raven331 87
I song I had recorded in December won't play. It played right after I recorded it--no problems, and now when I select play, not...
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Is it SYNC or PACING difference?
By voxElady 37
I feel like the issue is not sync in terms of where it is starting out, but rather that the vocals are playing back at an altog...
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Noisy Crackling Recordings
By mickeyd9270 66
Any tips on my problem which is that after recording songs on my own or duets ; there is a lot of crakling and interference noi...
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fed up
By hoggy 39
Getting fed up of not being able to record on some songs keeps coming up an error not recognised get it sorted
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Song didn’t save?
By Cfedie 51
I finally had this thing figured out again or so I thought. I sang a song and saved it to private and now I can’t find my priva...
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Macbook Pro
By rocker445 32
Hi everyone Does anyone else out there use a macbook pro on the new site and if so could you please tell me your setup. i am ju...
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Solution for overmodulation on recordings.
By RowdyYates 73
I've been playing around with volumes in the mixer and found that I put the music at 2 and the vocals at about 4 the levels com...
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How do you share recording to social media?
By Khovanec61 4
How do you share recording to social media?
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Won't save
By Sally_K 84
I have tried to record twice and both times I go through all the steps properly and my recordings don't save....just disappear!...
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